A Best Friend's Guardian

Harley could always count on her best friend Lizzy to not let her text and drive.
And Lizzy would never text Harley if she knew she was driving. Lizzy's married to Louis Tomlinson and goes along on tour with One Direction. Harley is engaged to Harry but she has to stay at home because they're not married yet. But what happens when Harley gets in a car crash over a text that Lizzy sent when she didn't know Harley was on the road? What will Lizzy do without her? What will Directioners do when concerts have to be rescheduled? What will Harry do without the love of his life? And what miracles happen when you think it's all over? Characters: One Direction/ Harley Styles/ Lizzy Tomlinson/ Makayla Lane /Paul Higgins/Lou and Lux Teasdale


4. Preparing Styles

Harley's P.O.V.


               The next day Lizzy, Makayla, and I decided to go shopping for my wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. My wedding was going to be orange so I needed orange bridesmaid dresses. We walked into the shop and gasped. Everything was so amazing. The store was split by colors, sizes, designs, and trail length. " May I help you girls?" a young lady greeted us at the door. "Yes we need to see orange bridesmaids and wedding dresses please," Lizzy smiled at her. "Okay come with me," she led us to the orange section. We searched through wedding dresses first. After 2 dresses, I found a orange dress with white rhinestones across the top and bottom. It had a rhinestoned star on the waist. I walked out and the dressing room and the girls gasped. "Awww you look amazing Harley! That has to be the one!" Makayla cried. "Harley you look gorgeous!" Lizzy teared. The lady turned me around to face the mirror. "It's perfect!" I gasped. "This is it!" The girls cheered. I went back and changed out of the dress. We placed it on the couch and started looking for bridesmaid dresses. The girls picked out the dresses. I told them they could get anything but it had to be orange. We paid for the dresses so we didn't have to take them back after the wedding. Lizzy took the dresses to her and Louis flat. We all went home.

                     When I got home, Harry greeted me at the door. "Hey babe. Did your new car run good?" he asked. "Sure did. I love the color of red it is," I smiled. "I love you baby," he pasionately kissed my lips. "I love you too. Hey, did you pick out a tux today?" I asked. "Yeah. Trust me, you'll like it. How was your day?" he grabbed my waist as we walked into the kitchen. "Amazing. You're definately gonna like how I look in my dress," I kissed his jaw. "I bet I will," he kissed. "C'mon. I'm hungry," I grabbed the things used for tacos.


             Lizzy's P.O.V. 


                 I walked into the flat and saw Louis in the kitchen making dinner. "Hey Boo Bear," I kissed his cheek.

"Hey Liz. I made pizza," he smiled. I walked into my bedroom and put the dresses in closet. "Liz! It's ready!" Louis called. I walked into the kitchen and sat down. "Here baby," he handed me a slice. "Thanks," I smiled. "How'd it go with Harley?" he asked. "Good. She looked really pretty in her wedding dress and we got amazing bridesmaid dresses. Plus Harley looked really happy. I'm so glad she's here with all of us," I chirmed. I looked at the clock. 10:37 p.m. I told Louis and we went off to bed. "I love you Liz," he yawned. "I love you too Lou," I kissed his jaw and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

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