A Best Friend's Guardian

Harley could always count on her best friend Lizzy to not let her text and drive.
And Lizzy would never text Harley if she knew she was driving. Lizzy's married to Louis Tomlinson and goes along on tour with One Direction. Harley is engaged to Harry but she has to stay at home because they're not married yet. But what happens when Harley gets in a car crash over a text that Lizzy sent when she didn't know Harley was on the road? What will Lizzy do without her? What will Directioners do when concerts have to be rescheduled? What will Harry do without the love of his life? And what miracles happen when you think it's all over? Characters: One Direction/ Harley Styles/ Lizzy Tomlinson/ Makayla Lane /Paul Higgins/Lou and Lux Teasdale


2. Miracle

1 hour later...   Lizzy's P.O.V.

      I arrived at the hospital to see Jessica, Terry, Jarrett, Gemma, Anna, Des, Robin, Anne, and in her arms, Harry. We could all see Harry crushed. We had all seen Harry cry, but NEVER like this. He looked like he was uncertain of how he would live without her. Niall, Zayn,Liam,and our other best friend Makayla were all there. Paul, Lux, and Lou too. Modest Management decided to give One Direction a 6 month break. To get over everything.

The doctor sprung out of the room.

         "We got a pulse!!!" he yelled. "But she could leave any moment. We did get her to speak. She wants Harry,"he said. Harry stood up and rushed in the hospital room. Louis held me close.

           "She'll call for you. Trust me, she will,"he hugged.


                                 Harley's P.O.V.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I woke up after seeing God's face and him telling me it wasn't my time to come home yet. I was in the hospital and I saw my doctor's face. I was barely awake but for some reason I was pretty confident that I was going to make it. I said the first thing that came to mind, "Harry" The doctor's were stunned as they left the room to get my family. 5 minutes later... Harry walked in with red eyes from ALOT of crying. He walked over to my bed and gripped my hand. "Are you there baby? I'm here baby girl, I'm right here,"he whispered. I gripped his hand tight. I opened my eyes as wide as they could. "Hi Harry. I'm here. I love you," I managed to get out. Harry looked up."Aw I love you so much baby. Are you alright?" he hugged me."Ow," I flinched in pain from my left arm. I looked down to see it cut up and bruised from the crash. "Sorry babe," he looked down at my hand and saw my engagement ring still on my finger. He smiled. I started to think about some more VERY important people in my life."Can I see Lizzy and KK?" I asked Harry. He nodded and called them in.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Lizzy's P.O.V.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Harry poked out from the room and called me and Makayla to go see her. Louis let go and I grabbed Makayla's hand while she let go of her boyfriend, Zayn. We walked into the room to see Harley on the bed with bruises and cuts all over her.  "Hey babes," she laughed. That was Harley. She would always laugh when we were having a bad. "Hey Harls. How ya doin'?" I asked.   "I'm fine. Hey KK, how are you and Zayn?" she smiled. I swear that girl's smile can light up your day. "We're good. He's been praying for you all day. He says you're like his sister,"she answered. "Give me a hug," she giggled holding her right arm out. She couldn't move her left arm. We hugged her and walked out. The rest of the day everyone visited her and left. Except Harry. He stayed with Harley in the hospital room in a chair while holding on to her hand.                                                                                                                                                    

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