Our Love (Lauren Cimorelli)

Ok well like i said i have an account on wattpad as well. So i decided to write my AWECIM story on here too!

Blur: Gabe and Lauren has known each other since birth. When they were 5, they said they wouldn't fall in love with each other. But now that they are 14... Dose that change? Do they like each other? Better yet.. Are they in Love? Read to find out.

So that blur was bad but the story is WAY better! Just trust me!


6. Chapter 6

*Gabe's POV.*


   I awoke with a jolt. A night mare? I haven't had one in... forever. I grabbed my phone.

"Great... only 5:30 A.M. What am i gonna do..? I can't go back to sleep. By the way... where am I?" I muttered to myself.

   I looked around the room. Oh yea. Justin and I fell asleep on the couches. I got up off the couch i was sleeping on and walked upstairs. I opened my bedroom door. Troy and Jake were still sleeping. I wanted to be comfy so i walked to my dresser and pulled out a pair of white basketball shorts. I pulled them on and walked to my closet to grab a white and blue LA sweatshirt. I put the sweatshirt on, put on my blue running sneakers, and put my blue beanie on my head. I walked back down stairs, grabbed my house key off of the kitchen counter, put my phone in my pocket, and walked out the front door making sure to lock it behind me.

"It's 5:40 in the morning.. why not go for a run." I mumbled as i started to jog down the sidewalk.

   I was running for about 5 minutes now and i keep having this feeling that someone is following me. I stop and look behind me, but no one is there. So I continue running. I stop once again because i heard a twig snap behind me. I turn and shout


   No one and no answer. So i continue my jog. I was running past the park where the girls shoot some of their videos. I looked towards the playground area and see a girl with her head in her hands sitting on the bench. So i stop in my tracks and just stair at her. I can hear faint sobs probably coming from the girl. How about i go and see if she's ok..

"Why not.." I mumble.

   I walk towards the girl. She has brown wavy hair and is wearing a blue long-sleve shirt with black jeans. I walk closer to her. I take a seat on the bench and just stair into the darkness... or some-what lightness. She tensed up when i sat down. I looked over to her.

"Hey.. Are you ok?" I ask.

   She shakes her head no. Her head still in her hands.

"Don't be afraid of me. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm Gabe. Gabe Bieber." I introduce myself. Hoping that she will look up.

   To my luck, she looks up. The girl has intense blue eyes. But they are stained with tears. The girl doesn't look my age though. She looks like she's about 11 or younger.

"I'm.. I'm Tierney." She stutters. "Tierney Johnson."
   I smile.
"Nice to meet you Tierney. May i ask.. why were you upset?"
She looks down at her hands.
"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." I said.
"No it's just.. Well... I kinda have no place to go." She answered.
"What do you mean?"
"I.. I ran away from home.." She says staring at the ground.
"Why did you run away?" I asked curiously.
   She just shook her head. Tears started to fall from her blue eyes.
"I.. I couldn't take the pain." She says through all her tears.
I frowned. Pain.. What pain?
"Hey.. Don't cry. It's ok..."
   I didn't know what to do so i just pulled her into a hug. She cried on my shoulder. I rubbed her back. She cried for about 5 minutes before she pulled away from the hug.
"Sorry..." She whipped some of her dried tears away.
"It's ok. Everyone has to cry." I answered.
   It fell silent. Thats when I asked,
"Whats the pain from?"
"It's a long story.." She looks back at her hands.
"Oh c'mon. Stop looking at your hands! I'm not scary or anything.. or am I?"
She let out a giggle and smiled at my stupidity. I smiled too. She looked at me.
"Your.. Your Justin Biebers cousin aren't you?" She asks.
   I nod my head.
"Yep. Thats me." I smile.
"Oh my gosh.. Your really good at singing." She smiled.
"Thanks. Did you come to our concert last night?"
"No.. My step dad wouldn't let me go.."

   It fell silent again. Oh come on! Why is there so many awkward silences!?! I started to think. Tierney has no place to live hu? Well then...

"Hey Tierney.. You said you have no place to go. Am I correct?"
"Yea why?"
"Well i was wondering if you wanted to stay at my house for a while. You know.. just until you figure out a plan on where you'll be staying."
"No.. i can't do that to you..."
"Oh come on! I'm offering! You should say yes.."
   She thought for a little bit.. "Ok fine! But i have nothing with me.."
"I'll take you shopping later today. Now come on. I'll take you to my house before my brothers wake up and freak..." I said standing up.
   She stood up to.
"They don't know where you are?" She asked.
"No.. I kinda left without leaving a note."
"Yep. Let's go."

   We started on the path to my house. The parks not that far. It's 5.. 10 minutes away. The walk was silent. But that feeling i had earlier, someone following me.. well us now, kept sticking to me. Who in the world is stalking me!?! So i stopped walking. Tierney stopped to and gave me a confused look.

"I keep having this feeling that someone is following me.. or us." I spoke looking around.
"I don't see anyone.." She answered looking around as well.
"I know.. Thats the thing. I don't see anyone." I said still looking around. "Come one. Let's just get back to my house."
   I grabbed Tierney's hand and pulled her down the side walk. Whelp.. Andrew don't get mad at me.














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