It's Cool, We're Just Friends.

Rebecca has a best friends, his name? Austin. Her boyfriend? Cody. Lately Cody has been acting weird. Rebecca also known as Becca, lives in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Austin and Rebecca have been bestfriends since pre-k. Austin's girlfriend, Jessica, has been gone for a month for school. This is the story about two friends, who stick together through everything, and when I say everything, I mean absolutely everything.


7. College

Today Austin and I were going to visit his college campus. I really didn't want to go, because then I would have to accept the fact we were going to be across the united states, and I would never get to see him.


We just got off the plane and Austin smiled at me.I smiled back at him, all I wanted was for him to be happy, and it seemed like he really liked it here.

Austin: I hear the campus is amazing, baby.

Becca: Good.

I smiled at him even though I felt really sick. I knew Jessica had planned to go to college here, too. Which made me feel even more insecure. Great.

Austin stopped the car.

Austin: What's wrong?

Becca:  What do you mean?

Austin: You've been staring at nothing for the past five minutes, with absolutely no expression.

Becca: Nothing.

I looked down at my hands, where I was messing with my fingers. His hand made its way into mine. He brought my hand to his lips and kissed it.

AUstin: Becca? Please, it's me and youagainst the world, you can tell me anything.

I looked up at him and my eyes started watering. In that moment, he realized what was wrong. He pulled me into a hug and i cried into his shirt.

Becca: I-i'm gonna m-miss you s-so m-much.

Austin: We still have a month of summer left. I'm still gonna see you, even if you're all the way across the country.

I felt tears on my shirt, too. I think we both realized that we only have a little time left, and that our relationship, most likely, wont survive across the country.


We arrived at the campus and I clung to Austin's arm. Within the first 5 minutes I've seen about 20 gorgeous girls. I could tell by the look on Austin's face, he loved this place already.

Until he looked at me, then he it seemed as if this place was hell for him.

Austin: I like it... but I also have the offer from PSU whichisn't as far from Pitt as here..

Becca: Austin, do NOT change your mind because of me. I know you love it here. I can tell by the look on your face.

Austin: But I love you more than I love this place. And if going to college here is going to ruin our relationship, then I don't want to go here.

Becca: You're going to college here, it makes you happy.

AUstin: Not as happy as you make me though!

Becca: Austin, you're going here.

We stopped walking and sat on a bench.

Austin broke down.

Austin: But I can't lose you- I've waited for so long for us to be a couple, to cuddle you every night, knowing you're mine. Not anybody elses.

Becca: I'll still be yours.. just far away.

Austin: That's the thing, I don't want us to be far away, I want to be able to cuddle you every night.

Becca: Austin, even if you went to PSU it's like 3 hours away from Pitt.

Austin: I don't care, I'd make the drive everyday if it means I get to see you everyday.

Becca: I can't ask you to do that for me though..

Austin: You're not, it's my idea.

I wiped the tears from his face with my thumb.

Becca: We'll stay together, no matter the distance, we're stong Austin.

Austin: I, I just can't lose you...






*AN Okay, so this is a short chapter. It's all I have time for right now, but instead of adding another chapter next time I update, i'm going to add on to this chapter. You'll need to become a fan to know when it's gonna be added to this chapter because I'll make a mumble about it. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

I'm so very thankful for all of you.

Stay Beautiful Xx*

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