It was just a dare... (One direction horror story)

One direction are playing spin the bottle when Louis dares the boys to go into the forest. Little did he know that himself, there girlfriends and the boys were about to be a part in there very own horror movie.. Except it was all in real life...
AN I promise this story is better than this description!


2. Chapter two

Harry's pov
Oh dear mother of potatoes why on earth did I pick dare.Let me tell you why.. Cuz I'm stupid that's why!  Louis looked at me mysteriously,evil smirk slap bang in the middle of his face.
"I dare you and Charlotte and why not everyone else to go down to (AN making this forest up sorry if its stupid)go to larkingly forest in 20 minutes when it's midnight without any phones or anything!" And there it is.I swear Louis tomlinson will be the death of us. I looked over to charlotte to see her looking at Louis wide eyed. Niall and nixie sitting there shaking there heads,Zayn and Perrie shrugging there shoulders and el looking at phoebe having a chat with there eyes..
"Louis can't you pick something more sensible!?" Liam exclaimed taking the role of daddy direction!
"No can do the Tommo has made up his mind... GO GET CHANGED MEET BACK HERE IN 15 MINUTES NO PHONES OR ANYTHING GO GO GOOOO" Louis replied. Oh dear lord well it could be worse i could be on my own. 
AN sorry I didn't update really cba to do it :S this is really short :(
-charlotte x

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