Friday Night Lights

I hooked my feet into Sarah and Emily's hands, preparing to balance on one foot, holding my sign that said "Go!" "Ready?" I nodded my head and next thing I know I'm looking at the empty bleachers, more nervous than before. I feel my ankle start to wobble as its struggling to hold my weight. I look down at my coach meeting her eyes. She knew I was nervous about this. I tried smiling through it, but it only got worse, and I looked down at my bases. I realize it's too late for them to try and keep me up when I feel like I'm freefalling and crash onto the hard rubber track and all I see is the bright sun, my stunt team and coach surrounding me, and darkness take over.


1. Chapter 1

**A/N** Hello people! Thanks for starting to read my movella!! (Does that make sense?) anyway I hope I keep it interesting I have a few ideas going but im open to any of y'all's ideas too, so comment if you have something that might go with the story!! If you want to co-author let me know, and I'll see if I can fit you in. As most of you know, school has started so I'll update whenever I get the chance! Thanks bunches enjoyy. x **Vanessa's POV** I flew through the air and went into my signature toe touch. Smile on, ponytail high, bow in, and a dash of glitter. I came out of it and landed safe in 3 pairs of arms. I looked to my right at my best friend, Sarah, and gave her a wink. We both started dance class on the same day when we were 5 and became best friends after that. Now that we finally go to the same school, and both made cheer, we've never been closer. Thank God we're on the same stunt team too! She was my right base, and I was the flyer, obviously. We danced, and cheered all night long, finishing the night off with a victory on the first game of the season for the football team. Me and Sarah walked out together and separated when we got to our cars. "Nice job today, nessa!" Sarah said when we were walking. "Hey, you weren't too bad yourself" I said giving her a wink. "Oh most definitely!! I got them mad catching skills" she said while flipping her ponytail. I laughed and waved her bye. I turn around to see my boyfriend, Zayn Malik, leaned against my car. He had on jeans and his letterman jacket. God, he looked so cute!! I walked up and leaned against him. "Hey beautiful" he whispered in my ear leaving a trail of kisses to my lips. He pauses, and looks down at me before he kisses my lips, and I couldn't stand when he tortured me like this so I went on my tiptoes and our lips connected. He cupped my face and I wrapped my arms around his neck. Our breathing got heavier, and a slight moan escaped my lips. I felt him smile in our kiss and I smirked. I brought my arms down and rested my hands on his chest leaning my lips in more cause I just can't ever get enough of this boy. He pulled away smiling and I pouted, giving him my puppy face. He pecked my forehead and wrapped his arms around my waist. I wrapped my arms around him in to a hug and rested my head on his chest. "You know, I thought you did absolutely amazing tonight." he said into my hair. I giggled and blushed, "Why thank you. I try you know," I said smirking. I looked up at him and said, "You didn't do too bad yourself," giving him a playful smile. He scoffed and said, "Not too bad? I would like to think I was pretty great, after all I did score a good amount of those touchdowns." I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, yeah." I said pulling him into another amazing kiss. This time I was the one who pulled away, and he looked quite surprised when I did. I giggled and wiggled my way out of his hold. I circled around to the drivers seat, "Want a ride home?" I asked looking over the top of the car at him. He folded his arms on top and rested his head nodding it up and down, "I guess I should since the bus left me here," he said. I unlocked the car, letting us both in, and mumbled "More like YOU left the bus." "What was that?" he asked giving me that smile that said "say it to my face" I pushed his face away and smirked. I pulled up to his driveway and killed the engine. "I'll see you tomorrow?" I asked turning to face him. He nodded and leaned in for one last kiss. I unbuckled and moved to his side of the car, straddling him and cupping his face. He held on to me at the bottom of my back, careful not to go too far down. "I love you, babygirl," he said into the kiss. "Mm, I love you too, babe." We kissed a little longer and then we both decided it was time to stop. I pecked him on the cheek goodnight and went back to the drivers side. He waved by at his door, and I waved back. I pulled out and went home. "I'm baaaack!!" I yelled to my mom. Its always been just me and her. My dad left us when I was born and I preferred it that way honestly. I found her asleep in her room and turned off the lights she left on. I went to my room, and changed out of my uniform into one of Zayn's shirts he left here once, and some shorts. I brushed my teeth, wiped off my makeup, and went straight to bed. Tomorrow coach would let us do stunts with signs that said "Go!" "Fight!" and "Win!" on them, one for each stunt team. I was a little nervous cause I don't like standing still for stunts, I prefer actually flying through the air. But it is what it is and I think it'll be cool once the cheer is put with it. I woke up to a text from Zayn. "Really enjoyed last night ;) your the best babe. Love you. x" I smiled and replied "Love you too, baby. I can only give my best to the best ;)" Lame, cheesy, stupid, I know. But sometimes being cheesy is cute. School flew by and it was time for cheer practice. I was adjusting Sarah's bow when she looked at me through the mirror and said "You sure you'll be ok?" I knew she was talking about our new stunt that we would learn today. I hesitated then gave her a fake smile and said, "Of course. What's the worst that could happen?"
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