The Hidden

There's something daunting in those blue eyes. Mysterious and intriguing, the vision can't seem to slip away like the wrest. Rosalind Pierce has practically lived her whole life cooped up, hidden from the world. When she is forced to finally leave, she can never go back. On her adventure to stop a group called the Hunters from destroying her species kind, she meets a blue-eyed werewolf that turns her world upside down.


2. Emotions

She watched as the violet red hued sky slowly faded and the sun fell behind the crowd of trees. Luke usually comes at this time of day to say goodnight. She paced back and forth in her room, eager to see his face again. She finally looked out the window for him and saw a small figure approaching the house. Stepping in through the window, Luke had hair plastered to his forehead and sweat dripping down from the tips of his hair. His muscles were more noticeable now. He looked much older than the little kid she met 10 years ago.

"Hey," Luke said breathlessly. 

"Hi," she replied as he scooped her up in his arms and cradled her like a baby. She wrested her arms around his neck and laid her head against his chest. 

He moved his mouth down to her ear and whispered, "let's get out of here."

Oh, how much she wanted to say yes. The thought of it felt right, but all she could think about was what is out there. The Hunters won't stop looking for her or her kind. She wanted to feel free for once and roam where ever she pleased. All she needed to do was say yes for once. Luke would protect her. Wouldn't he? He would never let anything happen to her. If the dream meant anything at all, one things for sure is that she needed to be out there. Scared, she shook her head yes shakily.

"Is this actually happening right now. You're saying yes? Is this some kind of joke?" Luke responded.

"No. I want to be out there," Rose replied without hesitation and a slight smile.
Climbing down the wall, Luke showed her what to do. He made it look so easy but as she took her first step out of the window she found herself falling down to the ground below. She did not scream or make a sound. She was paralyzed in the moment of hurting herself or dying. She has never been in a critical situation as of now. Waiting for the ache, the broken limb, the death, she closed her eyes. Instead of hitting hard, solid ground she felt warm arms bundle her up to break her fall.

She remembered the time when Luke was smaller and less capable of the things he could do now. He fell from climbing down once. All she could think about while he was falling was saving him, but she didn't move a muscle in effort to actually save him. She stood there stunned and unknowing of what to do. Yet he didn't hit the ground, he was levitated in mid-air and placed gently on the ground. 

No one else saw this but him and her. Her powers were stronger then she could ever imagine, but why couldn't she use them to save herself just now?
All the worry bypassed as he set her carefully on the ground. 

They were almost to the first set of trees as Luke started to talk, "do you think you will ever leave the house forever and run away with me?"

"Luke, you know that I can't just leave the house when there is so much at stake if I leave," Rosalind countered.

"Have you ever thought of the fact that maybe one day they will find you and your best option is to leave," he questioned.

Hearing his tone of the subject made her wonder a little too, "I have thought about it, but they haven't come for me or have found me. I-"

"Yet...they are looking for you and you know that. It will just be a matter of time before they actually find you. Why choose to suffer being cooped up and having them find you eventually instead of leaving and trying to dodge them," he said, cutting her off.

He did make a very valid point but, "What's the point? To just keep running? Never knowing when to stop," she argued, her eyes starting to glow a bright orange.

Recognizing the sudden intensity of the discussion, Luke tried to calm her down, "I'm not trying to start an argument with you. I just don't want anything bad happening to you. I'd rather have you running then staying and being caught off guard."

"It's not your decision if I stay or go, Luke!" She yelled at him, his body lifting off the ground. He kicked at his legs and tried to get her attention, but as he did his body hit into a near by tree. His body flew through the air as if he was a rag doll.

With a grunt, Luke fell to the floor, unmoving and still. She didn't touch him or move a muscle to throw him; her brain did it all. Shocked and terrified of what she had done, she ran over to Luke's side. She didn't mean to do any of that

Luke's eyes flickered open as her eyes filled with tears. He reached up to her arm and touched the bracelet that he had given her earlier today. 

"You kept it on," he smiled slowly, wiping the tears from her face.

"Yes, but are-"

"Fine. I'm fine. I promise. I shouldn't have got you worked up like that. I'm sorry," he said apologetically, "we should just head back to your house now."

When they stepped inside her room, she finally realized the blood stain on his upper shoulder of his sleeve. She didn't hesitate to pull up the sleeve and check the wound. The wound was huge and blood kept dripping down his bicep. Luke looked as if he was about to faint from the total blood lost from the wound. He felt as if the world was tilted on its axis. Falling over, he couldn't get back up. Everything started to turn dark with black splotches obscuring his vision and all he could hear was a voice in the distance whispering his name.

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