How i met your father ?

This story is telling some children about how there mother met there farther


5. The teenage years


It's Jake's 15th birthday in a few day's and he wants the place to himself so he won't have his little sister Darcy around bugging him.Darcy wanted to stay home with Jake but he didn't want her to so i took her to see a film with my bestfriend Jasmine and Kaela.When i got home i saw Harry sending kid's home i asked why he was doing that and he said because he caught Jake having sex with his girlfriend Daisy.Once everyone went home me and Harry had a wprd about his action's.

'Mum please it wasn't like that' Jake said try to get out of trouble

'What was it like then ?' I said trying to out smart him

'Emm ... well it was what dad saw, i am so,so,so sorry it won't happen again well when i am older yh.'

After that we sat down and ate our dinner Jake was trying to get into mine and Harry's good book's so he did the washing up and the draying.Darcy wanted help with her homework so Harry went, while me and Jake had a sneeky bar of chocolate without Harry knowing.After that day was over Jake was getting ready for his last week at his school,what he didn't remember was his behaveior because he was exclueded for 3 days which ment he could help with looking after the house and his new born uncle Rayn. 


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