How i met your father ?

This story is telling some children about how there mother met there farther


4. The first family hoilday

After my mum found out about Adam she wanted me,Harry,Jake and the boys to go on hoilday with her so we did.We went to Cornwall for 3 weeks it was fun because it didn't rain.While my mum and the boys went swimming me,Jake,Adam and Jade played in the sand while eating ice-cream.As we headed back to the camp site Louis got a phone call from Simon who wanted the to come back because there tour was starting early.While the went back me and the kids went to the club (not a night club) they was playing old classic's like hockie pockie.You can tell the kids enjoyed it because we found that we had to carry them home.I was upset that Harry had to leave a week befor us but i knew i would see him when he get's back off tour.As we headed home i saw One Direction's tour bus but they didn't see us.When we arrived home there was a banner saying "WE LOVE ONE DIRECTION" you can tell they were fans because they were sing what makes you beautiful.While my mum was getting the bags i went in and suddenly i heard "suprise" it was a suprise party for Jake's 1st birthday. A few later the boy set of for their take me home tour. I was upset to see them go but it's good that i can have Jake to myself yay.But at night i did get upset i was in a big bed alone but i get over it by thinking about when  they get off tour.

Gemma got back from visting her grandpa and when she got back me,Gemma and Jade and a few others went yo see the one and only Justin Bieber.It was about 4 in the morning when we got back from Cornwall but it didn't matter because mum had the kid's.

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