How i met your father ?

This story is telling some children about how there mother met there farther


1. The day we met !

I was on my home from school when 5 cute  boys bumped into me. ' I am so,so sorry about that please forgive me' Harry and Liam said giggling.

' It's okay i was mainly my fault,i should be the one to say sorry !' I replied gazing into Harry's lovely green eye's.Later that day when i got home my mum asked me why it took me so long and i said what happened and then her eye's filled with tears of joy.

' Rebecca can you pop to the shops and grab some sweets for your baby brother please'

'Yes mum would i be aloud to get anything with the change please ??'

'Yes but get me a drink please!!'

when i reached the shops he was there OMG!! it was great i saw him again i wounder if my mum will mind if i am late. 'Harry what are you doing here?'

'I live just over there !' Harry answered

'Me to'

As we walked home together we got to know each other really well, as we got outside of our houses we swaped numbers and we was up all night chatting. As morning came my mum walked in and got me up for school, like normal i was late. Harry was waiting for me outside i rushed out forgetting my lunch.On the way to school Harry said that he is starting the same school as me.As we walked though the gate Harry said that he is in all the same lessons as me so i showed him around as we walked in the 1st lesson he grabed my hand and asked me out. Me being me i said yes not knowing that the last message he sent said i'm moving into ... mine since our parents get along really good. Both of our eye's filled with tear's of joy because we had a crush on each other. I coundn't belevie what i was being told.A mega huge smile appeared on my face you could tell i was over welmed.

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