How i met your father ?

This story is telling some children about how there mother met there farther


2. living under the samee roof and new home's

As Harry and his family moved in that same day our mum's said that me and Harry have to share a room for a while. That night as i was trying to sleep Harry came over and wispered in my ear saying

' I love you'

As we fell asleep, Harry kissed me on the lips.When we woke up, we got dreesed and set of for school so instead of going to school we waited til our mothers went to work then went back and made out on the sofa. Suddenly the door was kicked down and we found ourself tied to kitchin chairs. I was so scared i was screaming Harry told me to calm down otherwise the people would hurt the both of us. As soon as they left we ran to school. When school was finished we acted normal so when we got home my mum wasn't going to let us in until the coppers had checked the place out.The nexted day my mum asked me and Harry to look after Adam my little brother because she didn't want us at school. Because we were 16 we thought we would do it for the 1st time as we headed the our bedroom the door knocked it was the people how brock in yesterday. Harry wanted me to get Adam and hide in my room and he will come and join us in a min. 1 hour later me and Adam headed down staries and the was blood on the sofa. When i turned around i was knocked out and Adam was gone when my mum turned up. Unlike me Harry was able to move once he saw me he rang my mum and when i woke up i was in hospital. My mum was in tears screaming at me and Harry for not keeping a eye on Adam. When we got home mum throw me and Harry once she found out i was 2 months along. We were all alone with no where to go then Harry remembered we could go stay with his band mate Niall Horan. When we got there i was nearly 9 months along, we was invited with open arms.Niall and his girlfriend was happy because they both had someone who got them. While me and Jade was chatting in the kitchin,Niall and Harry were talking in the garden with Lux.We were talking about what i was going to get for my baby since i haven't got a clue what sex it is.But i have a clue about the colour i want to paint the baby's room.'What colour do you want then or have you just went along with what Harry said' Jade questioned me.

'Well i want orange but Harry want's purple!' i answered

You could tell they were talking about me and the baby because they kept looking at us and smiling.We kept smiling back and laughing.I had a feeling Harry was worring there wouldn't be room for the baby at Niall's.

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