How i met your father ?

This story is telling some children about how there mother met there farther


3. Living and coping with 2 young children

 Once we found a place of our own we made the room's bright and colourful it was unique and the baby's room was a cream colour so what ever the sex it would be ok.Later that week i gave birth to a beautiful little boy after a hard think we named him Jake.When i told my mum that i was pregnant it was to late because she didn't want anything to do with me,Harry or the baby the same happened with Harry's mum. A few week's later we were aloud to bring Jake home once that happened we didn't sleep until Jake was 6 month's.I was happy that during the day i could sleep while Harry took Jake to meet the boy's.It was about 5pm when the door knocked,i shouted saying 'Harry did you foget your key's again?' As i opened the door a small,thin boy was stood there,'Are you Rebecca ?' asked the little chid  'Yes,may i ask who you are ?' i replied

'My name is Adam !!'

I invited him in and made some soup,as we talked i got to know where he had been for 5 year's it turned out he was being brought up next door.He escaped when the man made a mistake by leaving the window open.I couldn't belive he was alive,i alway thought he was dead so i had given up on hope.About 5 week's after Adam came to me i called my my becase i thought she should know(the only reason i didn't ring as soon as i found out he was alive becase he didn't want her to know).1 year later and it was like my mum was transformed because she wanted to be apart of Jake's life.








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