This is me get over it!

our names are Emily,Abbie,Becka,Olivia,and,Gracie and this is our story of our life.


3. The tattoo

Olivias POV

So after I picked up Abby we ran into the tattoo shop down town. I already have 1 tattoo I have my name in cursive writing on the top of my foot. Abby has the same one on her foot of her name but hers is in black and mine is navy blue. So this is what I decided for my new tattoo:

I guess it just kinda spoke to me

This is abbys tattoo:

I love hers too. when we got home Zayn gave me a hug and Abbie and I sat down on the couch.

"Hey guys do you want to go to the beach with us?!" Louis yelled



Abbie and I ran upstairs and got dressed. Abbie has clothes at my house cause she stays over all the time so she had her own bathing suits.

This is my bathing suit:


This is Abbies:

We ran downstairs and the boys just stared at us until Zayn walked over to me and started talking to me

"OLIVIA IS THAT A TATTOO!" He yelled at me which I only found funny

"Yes Zayn congrats you can see!" I said like a little girl

"Abby you got one too!" he yelled

"YUP" she said popping the 'p' 

"Does mom know!"

"who do think signed so I could get this one" I said sticking my foot out

"now if you'll excuse me we are going to the beach " I said grabbing Abby's hand and walking past the boys then me and Abbs raced to the beach like when we where little





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