Zoe Rallenger is a 17 year old girl. She has a horse, who's name is Storm. She trained him by herself. Zoe finds a Connemara pony lost, and wondering around the marshes. No one owned him, so she took him in. But will she ever be able to train him.
Books in this series:
Storm, Forever cursed?


5. Training

It went so well! i am so suprised! it took me only three days. From a shy pony, who bucked when a saddle was on his back, to a strong little stallion who wasn't scared of anything. I can see him soon jumping, and becoming a favourite of the school. I took him on a hack earlier, just through some quiet country roads. He was perfectly fine.

no bucking. no rearing. Just a strong pony, who wasn't scared of any of it!!

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