Zoe Rallenger is a 17 year old girl. She has a horse, who's name is Storm. She trained him by herself. Zoe finds a Connemara pony lost, and wondering around the marshes. No one owned him, so she took him in. But will she ever be able to train him.
Books in this series:
Storm, Forever cursed?


2. catching time

I put all the food in my backpack, and got a small bucket. a blue halter and lead was put in too, just in case he let me catch him.

I saw him on the hills. He saw me. I knew he was a boy now. I got out some food from my backpack and put it into a small bucket. I walked towards him. He stood still. I put my hand infront of him. He sniffed it. I put the bucket of food infront of him. He sniffed it for a while, then slowly started to eat. I slowly took out the headcollar and put it on him. He stopped eating for a second, then carried on. I was amazed at how friendly he was, and i was suprised at how quickly he had let me put the headcollar on him.

After he had finished eating, I slowly attached the lead. He panicked. "Its okay" i said. "i am taking you to a nicer place; where you will have a better home." He calmed down.we started to slowly walk back to my stables. When we got there, i introduced him to my horse, Storm. Storm is a friesan stallion.

They got on quite well together. They sniffed each other. "Storm this is . . . um . . " i said. I forgot to name my new pony! After a little bit of thinking time, i started my sentence again. "Storm, this is Cloud" i said. Cloud seemed quite pleased with his new name."And cloud, this is storm. Your stable is next door to his, so i hope you are good mates". Cloud and Storm nodded.

Amy walked Cloud into his stable. Last night, she had made sure there was some hay on the ground ready for when and if she brought him home. He walked in and done a funny dance. Then he turned around and nuzzled Amy, as if to say thank you. Amy got some food for him, then went into her house to make name plates. She had to make one or storm too, as before she didn't bother because he didn't need one. 



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