Don't Let Me Go

Raelynn has to move halfway across the world for her fathers job, San Diego is all she's ever known. Will meeting a special someone turn a bad situation around?


1. London Bound

Starting fresh at a new school halfway across the world is a difficult thing for Raelynn to do. This was her home, this is where she had lived all her life, she's had friends here since she was born, and now at the age of 17 with her birthday coming up soon, she has to just leave them. She sat in her room with her empty suitcase open on her bed. She looked around her room at all the photographs of her and her group of friends over the course of her school life. She took a deep breath and picked up her favorite one and admired it for a moment before taking the picture out and putting in in the album. It was of her and her best friend Heidi at an amusement park. The picture really showed off their personalities and she thought of how much she would miss Heidi and her laugh that never ceased to make everyone laugh. She then processed to take down all of the photographs and reminiscing back to the memory before the whole album was full. She put the album in her suitcase and felt a tear slip down her cheek as she touched the cover picture of all of her friends together. She wiped the tear and went to her drawers and carefully folded all of her t-shirts since she wasn't much of one to wear anything but a tee and a pair of jeans with vans. After she placed all of her shirts in the case she then went to the second drawer and got out all of her pants, shorts and everything else before doing the same thing and folding them carefully before she put them in her suitcase. By now it was just about full except for her undergarments. She put her bras and underwear in the remaining space and looked sadly at the empty drawers she had left open. She zipped up the case and got out her smaller one for her shoes and all the little things. She placed her shoes in first then put her sunglasses, make-up, straightener on top then slowly zipped that one shut as well. She looked around her room to see what she had missed and didn't spot anything. She went down the stairs to greet her mother that was waiting by the door with her father and her younger brother and sister. 
Raelynns POV 
"Alright are we gonna go?" I asked annoyed. "Ya know Raelynn it's not my fault my job transferred me to London" my father said. "Yeah I think it kinda is" I said as I went to the cabs outside and through my bags in the back and put my headphones in....
We arrived at the airport and we got on our plane and got seated. I had to sit next to my 9 year old sister and my 4 year old brother. I luckily got the seat by the window. Before long the plane was taking off. "Goodbye San Diego" I whispered to myself as I put my headphones back in and thought about what life would be like away from all I've ever know.

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