not any bitch

"i like you . I like . you . I'll admit it you're annoying as fuck , you don't stop bitching at all . sometimes you agitate me to the brink of insanity , But when you laugh , i want to laugh . when you smile , i wish that I'm the one who made you smile !" he spoke

1D fanfic


13. chapter13

Harry's P.O.V: 

as we finished she started shaking and ran out of the room covering her face . i did not understand whats up with her . i ran outside , but i did not find i ran to Niall's room hoping to see her , but it was only Liam  there . what ? what was he doing here ? i ignored him and ran looking for her , i saw her next to my room ; i went next to her and tear we're all over her face . why? she was covering her face  , i hugged her .

    "what is going on ? I'm sorry i never meant making you sad." i spoke 

    "Harry its nothing about you ... ok?" she spoke i knew that she hated people looking at her as weak .

    "fear , sadness . they're not weaknesses . they are overpowering defining emotions . the make you human , Barbara" i spoke .

    "Harry , its not right .... I don't want to fall in . l-o-o-v-e . I am not that girl ; you deserve someone better ... someone who is good someone who - who - who is good" she said , but that was not it . she had fear in her eyes , i held her hands . 

    "any thing i need to know? tell me it ok ." i spoke she smiled and drooped her body asleep . all that crying would make anyone sleepy . i took her to my room and opened the sofa it was that sofa that turns into a bed ... i covered her and closed the lights and got out of the room.


I'm i doing anything wrong ? if so let me know ... and what do you think so far? what do i do to make it better? thank you 

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