not any bitch

"i like you . I like . you . I'll admit it you're annoying as fuck , you don't stop bitching at all . sometimes you agitate me to the brink of insanity , But when you laugh , i want to laugh . when you smile , i wish that I'm the one who made you smile !" he spoke

1D fanfic


12. chapter12

Harry P.O.V:

what the fuck is with her ? was she crazy going out with that fucked up punk wannabe ? is she that stupid ? ehh ...  i  tried walking to the door as soon as i opened the door i saw her sting on the floor with her phone she looked at me confessedly . i carry her with all my might as fast as i could and slammed the door . 

  I got closer and closer and i slowly kissed her , her soft lips to mine it was incredible  ; she kissed back . it was the most amazing feeling i ever had . 


 Niall P.O.V:

i walked to Harry's room and opened it slowly to see ... Harry and Barbara close to etch other , then he kissed her with out breathing nor thinking . he kissed her until his entire body was tingling from the taste of her , the worst part she kissed back for some reason i kept looking at them as they kissed , i wished it was me  sadly . 

one time , when i was very little , i climbed a tree and ate these green , sour apples . my stomach swelled and became hard like a drum , it hurt as hell . mother said that if i just waited for the apples to ripen , i wouldn't be sick . so now , whenever i really want something , i try to remember what she said about the apples. 



so ?!? what do you think of Harry's move should she kick him and ran away or fall in love ? should Niall talk to her about how he fells ? or should Niall as he told Harry to not speak to them both ? what should they do?

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