not any bitch

"i like you . I like . you . I'll admit it you're annoying as fuck , you don't stop bitching at all . sometimes you agitate me to the brink of insanity , But when you laugh , i want to laugh . when you smile , i wish that I'm the one who made you smile !" he spoke

1D fanfic


5. chapter 5

Barbara P.O.V:

what was Harry thinking ? if the headmaster saw him he would be kicked out and thats all my fault . i ran ignoring the people i wanted some air , i had 20 minutes before the class . so i went out of the building to some park in front of me . i looked at the kids playing , i relaxed as i think of life my best friend Alex is dead , i completely acted as i hated my dad for the past few years and meeting my brother for the first time last week i did not even tell him who i am . i just acted awkward then ran away .

it was time to go to class i would be late if i am not fast so i ran as hard as i could as i could , then out of no where a guy (Liam) showed up and i fell on top of him . 

  "are you fucking blind ?" i said as i stood up , he was reading my lips or something .

   "no , but I may be fucking deaf" he spoke back and ran away . why the hell would i ask something like this i felt like weeping he did not do anything and he have to see bitches saying hell a lot of stuff about him . i wanted to go and apologies , but i had no time so i went to the class and sat in my place next to zayn . he looked at me and smiled big and looked as he wanted to talk or something . but he could not the music was too loud .

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