not any bitch

"i like you . I like . you . I'll admit it you're annoying as fuck , you don't stop bitching at all . sometimes you agitate me to the brink of insanity , But when you laugh , i want to laugh . when you smile , i wish that I'm the one who made you smile !" he spoke

1D fanfic


2. chapter 2

next day:


I ran to the music club as fast as i could , i was too late . well the fact that i slept at 3am was the reason ; weirdly they have no more dorms so i slept in the head master's office . as i opened the door with all of my might and being the clumsy person I'm i fell down on my face . they all looked at me and laughed , i laughed a bit come on it was embarrassing and awkwardly funny . 

i looked up to see a guy he gave me a hand , ever tried standing up with sky high heels ? while trying to get up i fall again and again after that he decided to carry me from the floor , he was so handsome , he had a leather jacket on an an arm full with tattoos and his neck had some .(punk zayn) he carried me to a chair next to his that was so awkward for me , well a lot of you will think i had 29 boyfriend or something , but i never did , i don't know how act or flirt as he putted me on the chair , i could see everybody looking at me like a slut , Harry's face was red for some reason .we had time to talk ; they we're fixing something .

   "thank you , only gentlemen will do that" i told that guy 

   "any real man would help you love" he spoke , i could feel my face blushing . 

   "I don't know what to say" I winked playing it cool . 

   "Barbara .... you ..... look ... fantastic" harry said awkwardly with a red face . 

  "thank you ?" i spoke what was up with him ? like come one day you are all rude then you are all awkward , makeup your mind . he looked throw my soul with his beautiful green eyes it was the most beautiful thing i ever seen . he then just ran away out of the class and he did not even say anything . i saw louis coming and waving to me i waved back as he came .


   "I'm sorry for his awkwardness , he acted like that from yesterday . as he did not stop talking about you" he mumbled , then added "well i need to go after him bye" he got out really fast and as shocked as i was i did not speak , what was with Harry? i have no idea . 

    "I think he loves you" zayn spoke 

    "what ? no way come on!" i said 


   Harry's P.O.V:

 why do i have this felling for her ? why do my face turns red when i see her ? what is this ? why can't i speak to her like normal people ? why did i feel like zayn was killing me when he was with her? i have no answer , i felt tears coming down my face this feeling was the worst i felt weak and dumb , was this love ? could it be love ? why would i love someone i barely know . maybe this is hate , but it does not feel like it . who knows  what it is ? man i hate this feeling . 

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