One Direction at Forty Thousand Feet

One Direction fanfic.
Ever wondered what would happen if the boys of one direction got their hands on movellas?
Well here is a short fanfiction telling you just that.


18. Touchdown

Holly's POV

My knuckles were still sore from giving Fire-Hazard another nosebleed, when the plane touched down. Leprechaun was still next to me, though he was wise enough not to try anything again. I think he learned his lesson when I bit his tongue, kicked him in the shins, forced my knee into his crotch, and knocked him out. Not bad for just one fight, before he could do anything.

"So, are you all ok with the plan? You make a video, and every three days, we'll post it on the site, until they get the message. Clear?" I asked, turning to look over my shoulder, so I could see all the boys. If any of them even thought about disagreeing, a simple death glare would kill that thought.

An assortment of worried nods later had confirmed their participation. They'd better not try backing out now, as I wouldn't say no to showing up on the roof of their hotel as they leave...with a sniper rifle.

Mercury's POV

I walked through the gate into LaGaudia, finally I'm out of that stinking plane. I swear the entire plane now reeks of bubblegum and spearmint. We had decided to make the video in the first class lounge, as the boys were continuing on to America for a series of concerts. That will be fun for them, hopefully they remember what they learned on that plane, so they have a rotten time.

'Hi movellas we are One Drection.' They said together, I was filming on my video camera I brought.

'Recently we have found out about all the things you guys are writing about, we think that you should stop.' Stripes continued.

'Stop the movellas filled with porn and the suggestive covers.' Gel head added.

'Stop the roleplaying, pretending to be us and say all these things to make us look bad.' Blondie explained, he was still wet from his little dip in the toilet. Good.

They continued to talk about all the things we had told them, and they told all the fans on movellas to stop. Blondie even added that the people who write original fiction arre getting over shadowed, I though that was very considerate of him. My attention span was already pretty low, but it was slowly diminsihing so I went out of the lounge to get away from it. I left holy holding the camera. This airport smelt much nicer then heathrow, and wasn't as crowded. But that could possibly be the guards holding all the screaming girls back from entering.


Mina's POV

Finally we had shown them the light. Curly shuddered the entire time he spoke of the kidnapping ones. It was wonderful seeing them squirm. Oh sure, they weren't the real cause of our suffering, but they had something to do with it, like rats had something to do with the plague. Holly would love that comparison. They spoke earnestly, and their words seemed genuine, much more genuine than their teeny-bopper songs anyway.


I saw Mercury leaving the room and followed him out. It was strange how airports everywhere were so beautiful, open and airy. I smiled to myself, it probably only seemed that way since I wasn't stuck in a confined space with five idiots with roaming hands anymore. But I guess Holly took the brunt of their perverseness.


"Finally, right?" I asked. He was standing near the windows looking out on the Arrivals gate. That's when I saw them, the throngs of girls standing at the gate, waving signs. Some had tears in their eyes, and that scared me. The guards at the doors, although brawny and giant, didn't seem to enough against the die-hard fanaticism of the teenage girls. I wondered if I had met any of the girls, left a comment on their lewd movella. I expected Mercury to mirror the horrified expression on my face, but instead he was smiling smugly.


"You know...." he started. "They have to walk through that to get to their car."




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