One Direction at Forty Thousand Feet

One Direction fanfic.
Ever wondered what would happen if the boys of one direction got their hands on movellas?
Well here is a short fanfiction telling you just that.


8. Doubling Up

Holly's POV

           "Are you trying to tell me that this isn't you, pervert?" I asked, staring daggers at Zayn. He thinks I didn't see him staring, and is acting all innocent. Aw, how cute...not.

            He looked at me blankly, clearly confused, but still I noticed the dark pupils focussing on me. If he tries anything, I'm more-than willing to throw him off this plane. Still, I let him lean over my shoulder, so he could see what I'd brought up on screen.

            "The screen is here." I snapped, catching him perving on me for the third time, and poking him hard in the gut with my elbow. He's officially on his last strike now. If I catch him perving on me once more, he's gonna regret it.

            Secretly furious, Zayn glanced up at the screen, then froze. Haha gotcha, perv!

            The screen was plastered with an image of a movellas account, featuring his photo. His birthdate was there too, and there were several mumbles pretending to be him. One even included a suggestive photo, with an equally suggestive comment added on.

            "Did...what the...who made that?!" He demanded, too horrified to do anything but stare as I scrolled down, showing how "Zayn" had fanned all the porn-fics we had just shown them. Teacher-student ones, boyXboy ones, ones featuring rape and kidnap, graphic ones, and ones that are too close to paedophilia to be legal.

            "We don't know. All we know is, you're not alone. Take a look at who you're a fan of."

I handed my laptop over to the Walking Fire-Hazard, as I was blasted by a nauseating wave of bubblegum and spearmint. Ugh, remind me to only buy that perfume of theirs if I want to smell like an old wad of chewing gum that's been stuck under a desk for the past month and a half.

            Zayn's facial expressions rapidly shifted from horrified, to angry, to shocked, to something that's between disgusted and terrified. I'm not sure exactly which, but it's kinda hard to tell when your eyes are watering from the fumes of the spearmint-slash-bubblegum perfume, that he clearly bathes in.

            "Guys...did you do these?" He asked, once he'd gotten his voice back. Shaking, he handed the Wannabe Escaped Prisoner my laptop, before sinking back in his seat, clearly too stunned to say anything.

            "If you did, there must be some really hard feelings between Curly and his ex, Taylor." Mina added, wincing as she recalled the argument between them. "Might I recommend a break-up counsellor?"

            What's-A-Hairbrush shot us perhaps the dirtiest look possible, before his eyes went down onto the screen, and widened in horror.

            "What the fuck did this person make me say to someone?!"

            Even I winced at that tone. Zayn looked like he might pass out any second now, and Curly was scarlet with fury. Leprechaun looked concerned to the point of tears, Prison-Boy looked like he was about to throw up for the second time, and Pain In The Ass...actually, where was he?

            My question was soon answered by a loud retch behind Curls, as Spoon-O-Phobe had read over his shoulder.

            "Well you can read, can't you?" I replied, as Curls looked up at me, emerald eyes flashing dangerously. "Go on, read out what you said to your ex."

            "No fucking way! I did not say that, and I never would! dare they make it look like I said...I don't even wanna think about...that's...that's..."

            "Slander?" I asked, finishing the sentence for him. "That's not the worst. Perverted Fire-Hazard next to me might not want to see what his girlfriend's been cyberly doing to you."

            "What!" Mr Flammable next to me gasped, reaching over and taking my laptop back, whilst unneccesarily leaning close to me in the process.

            "Yep. Perrie and Curls, getting it on. Bad luck, mate." Mercury added, as Zayn's jaw dropped, revealing cosmetically-whitened teeth. I don't blame him for being shocked, but seriously. Why not just brush them, instead of having chemicals sprayed on them? Ugh, the lack of logic really gets to me sometimes.

            "This has been going on for a while now. There seems like no way of stopping them either." I sighed, pausing to slap the hand that tried to rest on my thigh. "We have tried though, in more ways than one."

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