One Direction at Forty Thousand Feet

One Direction fanfic.
Ever wondered what would happen if the boys of one direction got their hands on movellas?
Well here is a short fanfiction telling you just that.


11. Corrupted by Power

            Holly lifted up the fire extinguisher again, as the puddle of hair gel cowered on the groun. Before Holly could do more damage, I slowly took her hand and led her away. The other boys had found a safe hiding spot, behind Mercury. He didn’t look pleased.

            “Holly,” I said. “Let go, okay. He’s a perv, and he deserved it. Now, calm down before your hurt somebody… uh… hurt somebody else.”

            She was quick to come back to her usual calm, calculating, self. Zayne had gotten up, dusted off his shirt like nothing had happened, and had stuffed a napkin into his bloody nose. I should’ve guessed, even with millions of crazy fangirls, he had managed to piss off girls that weren’t interested. That was an understatement.

            “Just work on Codename: Deception,” I said, handing her my laptop. Soon though, she snapped it closed. I didn’t know. Although I was new to the world of movellas, I too had met with the cruel whip of… hate comments.

            Our work was noble in my opinion. We never said we hated people, just their lack of grammar and other things. But the comments that Holly got, made my few hate comments look like wonderful accolades.

            She was used to them, but that didn’t mean that they didn’t hurt. It was amazing the things people said when they were anonymous. I took the laptop from her and deleted the comments. Replying just made it worse.

            The sudden loss of energy was clearly noticed. Even the boy group skulked in their little corner. Curly took out his iPad and opened up movellas, making himself an account that didn’t have his name or anything One Direction related on it.

            “Mina?” he asked. Holly was better now, typing away furiously. And Mercury… Mercury was staring at Leprechaun in disgust as the boy once again sprayed himself with perfume. He pinched his nose and walked away as the sugary sweet smell… it smelled like expired maple syrup… wafted through the air.

            “Mina?” Curly called out again. He was slowly realizing the enormity of the issue here. “Look, what this thing here, ‘Report this movella’?”

            “That’s for reporting the movella,” I explained. “You know, inappropriate content, rated incorrectly, spamming, whatever.”

            “So, why don’t you guys use this?” he asked.

            “The people behind Movellas love what One Direction,” Mercury said. “The whole obsession is bringing in a lot of traffic.”

            “Traffic? That’s bad, though,” the flammable pervert comment.

            “Web traffic, you moron,” Holly replied.

            I explained, “These fangirls constitute the majority of the users. The staff doesn’t want to do anything to drive them away.”

            “I guess I understand that,” Curly said.

            “Good, so the moderators are basically the people who work at Movellas,” I said. “Jordan, Yvonne, and some others. They’re the ones I guess that check out the complaints.”

            “Or the ones that don’t check out the complaints,” Mercury said with a snort.

            “True,” Holly said. “Most times the replies are really late, or they never come. I’ve reported a lot of stuff that should’ve been taken down. But instead, just the rating was changed, or else nothing at all.”

            “I’m sure they’re trying,” I said in their defense. “Some of the movellas are removed. I just don’t understand why they’re so against the idea of having some of us as moderators.”

            “I think they’re scared of me,” Holly said, nodding her head and scratching her chin evilly. “They’re very right to be.”

            “I think they’re scared of a One Direction revolt,” Mercury said. “If they banded together, which is impossible, they could change the fate of the site. Not that they could, but they could just leave. And the site wouldn’t like that.”

            “Less traffic, more good books,” Holly said with a sigh. “That sounds almost as good as Vesp and Gilray being brought back.”

            “Agreed,” I said, turning to Leprechaun. I had unconsciously been talking to Curly a little more than the others, and I think he assumed I had a crush. “The moderating could be ten times better on this site. There’s so much stuff that goes on that doesn’t even get reported.”

            “So, why aren’t they letting you guys be moderators?” Liam asked. “Other than them being, you know, scared of Holly.”

            “They think we’ll delete stuff that follows the rules,” Mercury said. “You know, be corrupted by power and all that. It’s all just a bunch of crappy parfum.”

            “But we’re better than that,” I said. “We could spread hate if we wanted. We could do so much more than write movellas to get our opinions across about the One Direction epidemic. But we don’t. Because, we’re above that.”

            “Stop making the management seem like the victims here, Mina,” Holly said. “You were complaining about it last week.”

            “Okay, I guess I’ll just lay it out there,” I said.

            “Someone say ‘lay’? Zayne asked, getting up and taking the napkin out of his nose.

            “Oh, his pervy-senses are tingling,” Payne said.

            “Shut up before I find another fire extinguisher,” Holly threatened. He fell back again, pretending to fall asleep.

            “Anyway, they’re far too lenient,” I admitted. “Stuff that should be taken down… the rating’s changed. They advertise this as a site for teens. It’s just slowly being taken over by erotica. It’s just, wrong.”


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