Forever and Always

Hi my name is Rebecca Moore I live in Ireland, Mullingar. I'm 17 and my mum just died a few weeks ago. I have long blond hair and green eyes. I now have 5 new friends; Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Liam. I'm more closer to Niall but anyways. What will happen when all goes down hill will me and Niall start dating find out in this book.


2. Hello

*Rebecca's POV*

As we were leaving class someone tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hi you must be new here?" said an Irish accent.

"yeah I'm Rebecca and you are?" I asked. It was the boy that was late for class. and damn he's hotter up close.

"Niall." he smiled.

"so what's your next class?" he asked.

I pulled out my timetable sheet to have a look.

"Umm.... Math" I smiled.


"I've got to go get my math books"

"ok I'll come with you" Niall said. I've got to admit it was nice to have Niall around.

When I got to my locker the girls that were whispering about me before were there.

"Hey look the sluts back" one of them whispered.

"and what is she doing with Niall Horan that slut!" Another one whispered.

Niall must have heard.

"Hey would you please shut up because you are just a bunch of lies standing right in front of me" he snapped.

"Not my fault she's a slut her mum must have taught her that" one of them snickered.

"I bet her mum looks like a bunch of rat shit" that was it I lost it I can't handle this.

I ran off down one of the halls and found an empty one. I just slid down one of the walls and cried.

"Becca?" Niall said coming round the corner. I just put my head in my knees.

"Becca are you ok?" he sat down next to me and put an arm round me. just then the bell went. I was about to get up and go to class when Niall pulled me back down.

"At this school if someone is crying they don't have to go to class you know"

"are you going to tell me what is wrong?" he asked sweetly.

I looked up at him.

"w-well you see my mum died a few weeks ago so I-I kind of just snapped I cry myself to sleep every night and wake up screaming I just-"

"shh I understand ok you don't have to explain anymore"

 "Niall it's not fare why did it happen to me?" I started to cry again.

Just then a teacher walked past.

She came in front of me. "don't come to class love go back home all of the teachers know what happened about your mum so just go home for now ok?" she smiled. I nodded.

"Niall go with her, her dad is at work"

"Ok lets go Becca" he said helping me up.

*Niall's POV*

as Becca ran off crying that really made me mad.

"OI DON'T YOU EVER I MEAN EVER DO THAT AGAIN!" I shouted and ran off to find Rebecca.

*present time*

'Thank you' I mouthed to Mrs poppy. she nodded and walked off.

"Ok Lets go Becca" I said helping her up.

"Do you walk to school?" I asked as we reached the front doors.

"yeah I do. do you mind walking to my house?" she asked.

"no its ok"

We talked and talked till we reached her house. it was small but it looked very small and inviting.

She opened the door and walked in her house.

"I'm going to go get changed the lounge room is just in there." she said pointing to a door.

As a walked in I started to look at all the pictures and I saw one of A guy. a woman and a girl. the girl looked exactly like Rebecca and the woman looked a bit like Rebecca. that's when I realised the picture was of Rebecca, her mum and her dad.

"that was my mum she was very pretty" Becca said walking next to me.

"So I heard you famous?" she asked. turning towards me. Becca really did look beautiful even though she was wearing sweat pants, a jacket and some Ugg boots.

"yeah I'm in a band called one direction. heard of them"

"yeah my friend is obsessed so she talks non stop" she giggled.

We sat on the couch and I asked her to tell me about herself.

"well I was born here in Ireland, My mum died a couple of weeks ago, I have no siblings, never had a boyfriend, only ever had three friends, my favourite colour is red and I love cats" she finished.

We talked for what seemed like ages than decided to watch a movie.

"what movie do you want to watch?" she asked.

"any I don't Mind" I shrugged.

"Ok we are watching hunger games." She declared putting the disc in the player.

Half way through the movie she fell asleep so I got up and found her room. I went back down stairs picked her up and put her in her bed.

Before I left I found a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote;

To Becca,

You fell asleep half way through the movie so I put you in you bed I had a great time so thanks

- love your little Irish lepricorn. ;) x

p.s. I put my number on your phone so text me when you awake.

I then walked out the house and walked home.



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