Close your eyes.

For the 'Inspired by a song' contest. Inspired by Pompeii- Bastille.


1. One.

We’ve been stood here for days now. Hours and minutes blend together, dragging out to agonising millennia. My ankles are burning, rubbed raw from shuffling a few feet every hour, the cuffs around them blackened and rusty, chaining the thousands of us together in one long line, like beasts for slaughter, or worse: slaves for market day. The ground is uneven, puckered and churned up like fresh butter. I stumble but am careful not to fall- walking to hell is bad enough, let alone being dragged. Besides, it would make it worse for the person in front of me, and although I’ve never met them, I wouldn’t wish ‘worse’ than this on anyone.

 You can almost see the gates from here now: twisted, knurled iron wrought from the very essence of nightmares. They stand open, beckoning our damned souls through so we may serve for an eternity under Haides. But I try not to think about that. My future is dark and uncertain and painful, so as we get even closer to our fate, I cast my mind back to happier times- like my father taught me. While we stand still, I close my eyes. Close my eyes and draw up my last memories of being alive.                                                                                                                                                  Everything else has begun to fade, but I’ll never forget my death.

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