Another Cinderella Story.

Juliet's parents forced her to join her older sister Rosie on an One Direction concert. But Juliet decided to wait in the car, she never liked One Direction, actually, she doesn't like any celebrities at all. She wanted to go home after the concert but her sister wanted to stay looking for them. Juliet decided to take a cab home, but what happens when she meets Harry Styles trying to sneak out in the back of the arena? Read to find out.


6. Kids.

Juliet's P.O.V

"Why are you looking all grandma?" Sierra giggled as I arrived school.

"Looking all 'grandma'?" I repeated as we headed to the gym.

"Stressed, du-uh." She said opening the doors to the gym.

We walked inside were people from the organizing committee walked around planning. 

"Yeah?" Sierra snapped her fingers in front of me.

"What?" I asked looking at her.

"Why are you looking stressed?" She repeated as we sat down on the bleacher.

"I.." I hesitated a little, "I had to babysit five spoiled brats." I lied, or I didn't actually lie.

"I see." She chuckled as Ashley and her two friends, Lola and Hannah came in front of us.

"So girls, are you going to the big ball?" Ashley asked with her annoying voice.

We both rolled our eyes at them, "Yeah." I replied.

"So, you still have a crush on Matt? My boyfriend?" Ashley giggled with her friends.

Matt is Ashley's boyfriend, he's the team's captain and I had a crush on him in first grade... And maybe I still have a little crush on him now.

"That was two years ago, Ashley." I replied as they just ignored my comment and walked away.

"That's right bitches, just keep walking." Sierra whispered as I chuckled.

"Hey July." I heard a guy say as I turned my head facing Matt.

"It's Juliet.." I said as he sat down in the middle of me and Sierra.

"Whatever." He chuckled laying his arms around our shoulders, "So, you have a date to the prom?" He asked us as we shook our heads.

He looked at me, "You want one?" He smirked as I swallowed.

He stood up again, and before he left he handed me a note. Sierra moved closer to me.

"What does it say?" She asked as I opened the note and read out, "Hey Jilet, I can't wait to the prom, especially if you'll be my date, meet me behind the gym before the prom and we'll talk. Ps, don't tell Ashley. -Matt xoxo"

Sierra and I started to fangirl silently.

I walked up my porch praying that the house isn't a mess inside. I opened the front door finding toiletpaper everywhere and food on the floor, there were loud music. I saw Louis running across the hall with a toilet paper roll throwing it at Liam. I quickly walked over to the stereo turning off the music.

"Uh oh." I heard from the boys as they came into the livingroom.

"What the hell is all this!?" I shouted as they looked down in shame.

"We were going to clean." Harry whispered peeking up at me.

"Oh yeah? Well!?" I shouted throwing my hands in the air.

"We didn't know when you were coming home.." Niall spoke peeking up as well.

"That doesn't matter now, clean up this mess now, I'm going to my room." I said walking out of the livingroom.

"What a diva." I heard Louis chuckle.

"I heard that!" I shouted from upstairs slamming my bedroom door shut.

They're absolutely acting like kids! Arghhh

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