Another Cinderella Story.

Juliet's parents forced her to join her older sister Rosie on an One Direction concert. But Juliet decided to wait in the car, she never liked One Direction, actually, she doesn't like any celebrities at all. She wanted to go home after the concert but her sister wanted to stay looking for them. Juliet decided to take a cab home, but what happens when she meets Harry Styles trying to sneak out in the back of the arena? Read to find out.


4. It's Niall..

Harry's P.O.V

Niall and I were chatting in the kitchen before I heard Zayn say, "You're giving me a pretty good view over here.

I furrowed my eyebrows as I walked into the livingroom, I spotted Juliet walking over to Zayn.

"Don't you have a girlfriend? Pierre or something." She was angry at him I could tell.

"Perrie." Zayn corrected her, "And no, we broke up a couple of weeks ago."

"Sorry about that, but please don't be nasty towards me." She spoke as I started to walk over to them.

"Alright." Zayn chuckled looking down on his phone. 

She sat down next to him, and I walked over and sat down next to her. I just looked at her admiring her red long hair, oversized clothing style and tanned skin.

"Watcha looking at?" She asked as her eyes were on the TV screen.

"You." I smirked as she looked over at me.

"Well, stop, it's making me uncomfortable." She whispered as I chuckled.

"Why did you dye your hair red?" I asked as she rolled her eyes at me.

"Because I can do whatever the hell I want." She spat as I laughed.

She's cute when she's mad.

"Niall, please don't eat the whole kitchen." Julet shouted towards Niall.

Niall came into the livingroom seconds later with a bucket in his arms filled with chicken wings. He sat down on a table in the middle of the livingroom and placed the bucket on the table.

"I'll just have this one and I'll stop." He said as Juliet started to laugh.

"How can he eat so much without gaining a pound?" She giggled looking at me.

"It's Niall.." Was everything I could explain.

"Well it's late, you guys can sleep here in the livingroom, I'll go upstairs to my bedroom." Juliet spoke and stood up walking upstairs.

Juliet's P.O.V

I closed the door to my bedroom and changed into my oversized t-shirt.
I unattached my bra just throwing my clothes on the floor before I turned off my light and layed down on my bed.

Minutes later I almost fell asleep before I felt an arm wrap around my waist. I jumped as I quickly rolled over kicking whoever down from my bed.

"Who's there?" I whispered as I heard someone groan.

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