Flight of Darkness

A young vampire girl wonders the night with her clan. And as the laws go, they can never reveal what they really are. She finds a young boy about her age by himself. Becoming more than friends with another species is forbidden. But that doesn't stop them.


1. Unholy Romance

Vampires, devils, and fallen angels. All unholy creatures live that in the shadows.  Once night falls, no one is safe. Humans don't know it. One by one, they get picked off like flowers in a field.  Most don't know we exist among them as people.

The way we live is different. There are laws. Never reveal yourself to a human. If you do, then well... there's a death sentence. It's scary to think about.

To avoid this, never tell one what you are, and always be sure they're not around when you kill. If witnesses escape, then you're in trouble. Even if they don't tell a soul. No matter what, you'll be destroyed. It's not fair is it?

I'm Fierce, the youngest in the vampire clan. It's a name I go by. I'm about... nineteen. And yeah, I'm a girl.  The clan moves a lot. So we don't really stay in one place for very long. At times, I wish we could... But that can never happen. I look outside the window every twilight, wondering what it's like to see the sun. Just once. I wish I could see it for real.

I walked the street, looking up at the stars twinkling in the sky. Footsteps came into earshot. I sniffed. Something inhuman is approaching. Turning to the shadow behind me, I stood my ground. A blade struck by his side. Forming in a shadow of darkness, he disappeared.

I stepped back looking around. Feeling for the blade in my belt. Vampires are not exactly allies with other creatures of darkness. We are a said to be a disgrace, as we were once human ourselves. Now we are said to be undead demons who drink the blood of mortals. We are not demons. But immortal beings.

I felt his presence there. And before he struck his blade, I moved away with mine clashed against his.  We stopped and stared. Our eyes in a gaze. I've never felt this way before. What got us to stop all of a sudden?

There's something about him. Something I never felt in a person, or creature of darkness. I swiped my blade away taking a step back. He lowered his.

Our eyes still locked. I think my heart thumped for the first time. Or I thought it did. It's strange. How can a vampire's heart beat? His red glowing eyes flashed, mesmerized. There's something about him that's different. I don't know how. And I don't know why. We both were left confused.

Never breaking our gaze, he asked, "Have I... seen you before?" I shook my head slightly, "I do not believe so..."  He leaned, "I feel like I may have..."  I felt the same. He seems familiar to me, too. We both wonder where. But we didn't have any memory of it at all. Why?

I'm sure where to go from here. There's something in his eyes that pulled me close. I lied in my coffin, wondering what's so familiar about him. He took off that night, after he heard a call whisper in his mind. I watched him disappear to darkness around the corner of the street.

As morning crept, I couldn't sleep. My eyes rested shut. Thoughts wondered. How can I sleep if I keep thinking about him? Why am feeling this way about someone I don't know, especially a demon? Maybe... I do know him. Or maybe... I don't... I'm confused as ever.

We set off in the night. The moon peeked out from the clouds in a silver glow. The masquerade's tonight. Every vampire in town's going to be there. I wore my black flowing dress with heels. We arrived at the mansion, and knocked.

The door opened. Inside, many vampires crowded around in the ballroom, chatting. I came to the buffet table where a fountain of blood poured. Taking a cup, I stuck it under and had a drink.

The piano and violins played, and people danced. I felt a tap on the shoulder, and then turned to the man in a dragon mask. He gestured his hand, "May I have this dance?" I smiled, and put the cup down, "I'd love to."

We linked arms, walking toward the crowd. He held me close and then began to waltz. He looked into my amber eyes and smiled. He twirled us around, "You have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen." I tilted my head, "You really think so?" He grinned, "I know so."

Strange. I didn't know who this person is, and they gave me a cliché of a compliment. And that's when his brown eyes flashed a red. I gasped and fell back as he caught me, pulling me back to him.

Looking back into his eyes, I panicked, "It's you." He grinned and asked, "Really?" He continued twirling us around. I looked to each person of my clan in the room. They're all too busy chatting and dancing. I looked back at him, "How did you-?"

"I snuck in." He continued to smile. "Why?" I asked. "Because," he replied, "I wanted to see you again." Why, after many years of hating, and fighting each other, does a demon want to see me, a vampire?

"I... have to go." I hurried out the back door. I need to relax. The night air filled me in chills on my cold skin. I walked to the garden, looking up at the statue of Cupid with his bow and arrow. Roses were planted around him.

A hand held mine. I gasped at the second and saw him. The red glow in his eyes flashed. I pulled away, "Please, leave me alone." He turned me back to him in his arms and pressed his lips to mine. A burning sensation overcame me. For the first time, I felt something inside me that I never felt before. I think it's called love.

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