the real life of a teenager

One Direction the famous band is forced to go to mexico because they were not the same. What happen when they arrive with his new family and face problems they have never had
Will they know what a normal life is? read

The real life of a teenager


5. Why Him?


* Because you loved me start *


Mar: *we were singing and the last part was my turn when i open my eyes i start laughing Ryan was right they have a mouth open* hey close your mouth and start laughing

Niall: you were amaizing

Tomas: * Drunk * lets go

Mar: you can`t drive like that 

Tomas: im ok sis you can go behind me

Ryan: you sure? Just remember to put you're seatbelt on ok?

Tomas: yes brother, bye see you all at home

Mar: wait, im coming with you

Ryan: what? no you will not

Mar: c'mon its not like we are gonna die

Ryan: put you're seatbelt on ok?

Mar: yes and btw you will be driving behind us

Ryan: true


*Car ride*


Mar's Pov:

Im having a bad feeling about this i know my brother its not like he is gonna do something stupid right? I was interrupt by my phone




??: you are using you're seatbelt right? xx

Mar: yes and who is this? How do you get my number? And why two x?

??: sorry  im Harry love, Ryan give it to me and the x's are like kisses x

Mar: oh hey Hazza, well im using my seatbelt don't worry xxx LOL

Harry: cool haha hey don't like at the x's btw you have to use them now so shush xx


then everything wents black


Harry's Pov:

I was texting with Mar when Ryan shout i see out the window and i start shouting too, i open the car door and start runningto where Mar was, she was still at her seat but she wasn't awake her face was bleeding and wait where is Tomas? Omg Tomas, i start to shake Mar but it wasn't worth it Ryan saw Tomas and was crying and shouting


Liam: call 911


ten minutes later there were like 3 ambulance and 4 police man they ask Ryan about everything but he wasn't able to talk, then they came to me i was holding Mar's hand


Police: sir

Harry: yes?

Police: what happened?

Harry: i don't know i was texting her and then Ryan start shouting and that's what i know

Police: okay, now who is her?

Harry: well she is Mariana Vantolra she is 16 years old Tomas is her brother he is 17 years old so he is Tomas vantolra, Ryan is Mar best friend that all i know

Police: thanks boy




Louis: guys we need to call Kate

Ryan: i will * take's his blackberry out * Kate * crying * hi

Kate: hi Ry

Ryan: we are at the hospital

Kate: why? Are you ok? My babies are ok?

Ryan: you should come bye * hungs up *


30 minutes later


Kate: Ryan

Ryan: * hugs her  and start crying* it was my fault

Kate: what happened?

Zayn: Tomas and Mar get into a car accident

Regina: mom are they dead?

Kate: no hunny lets hope they're not * start crying *

Regina: * touch Harry's arm * Harry

Harry: * carry her * * crying * hello baby

Regina: * hugs him * don't cry she is going to be ok, make me a promise

Harry: what promise?

Regina: if some of them dosen't wake up you will bring my mom up, and if Mar is still alive promise you will make her happy o and promise me that you will be my best friend always

Harry: * smile * i promise best friend

Regina: stay strong ok?

Doctor: Tomas and Mariana Vantolra?

Kate: hello

Doctor: okay so Mariana is okay she just have a broken arm, good thing she was using her seatbealt

Ryan: god i was so scared, but how's Tomas?

Doctor: i'm sure Tomas is right, he just go home, he will wait for you so don't say bye just say see you later

Sofia: so that means he's gone?

Doctor: yes im sorry

Kate: NO MY BABY * crying *

Harry: doctor?

Doctor: yes?

Harry: can i see Mariana?

Doctor: sure but she asked for Ryan first

Ryan: i am

Doctor: follow me

Harry: thank you * goes to Kate * Kate can i talk to you?

Kate: sure *they went outside*

Harry: Kate i don't know how it feels to loose a son or a brother but i know he is happy and i don't get to know him like a lot but he always try to make you happy so he will be mad if he saw you crying, he didn't die he just go back home, to a better place and he is now with God, so stay strong cause you have 3 daughters and Regina make me promise her that i will make you strong so please im pretty sure Tomas is with you cause you are his mother and he loves you so stay strong and smile for all does memories you have together

Kate: wow Harry thank you I will be strong ok? Harry can i ask you something?

Harry: sure

Kate: do you like Mar?

Harry: yes

Kate: well i will love to be you're mother in law haha

Harry: haha why thank you

Louis: Hazza, Mar wanna see you

Harry: thanks boo bear , Kate i will come back okay?

Kate: yes Harry







I cry while writing this :( Hope you like iiit 



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