the real life of a teenager

One Direction the famous band is forced to go to mexico because they were not the same. What happen when they arrive with his new family and face problems they have never had
Will they know what a normal life is? read

The real life of a teenager


3. plan


im so sorry i havent upload i have been so busy but i here now YAY! back to the story!!



mar`s room


Ryan: so?

Harry: i like Mar

Ryan: Mariana? I know haha she's hot

Harry: yes jaja

Ryan: i will help you, only cause i hate Jorge

Harry: why?

Ryan: he is a cheater, first we have to prove Mar that Jorge`s a cheater and then you comfort her and start treating her like a princess she will start liking you and then you ask her out 

Harry: wow nice plan you know her so well

Ryan: well she's my best friend

Harry: since when?

Ryan: since 5, you know she used to sing but she said ¨ i can't sing i don't have any inspiration like people¨ maybe you can be her inspiration Haz

Harry: maybe i can, so what Jorge do?

Ryan: he is a soccer player but like i say he is a cheater and he only want to steal Mar's virginity

Harry: she's a virgin?

Ryan: yes

Harry: how old is she?

Ryan: 16, she is sad right now

Harry: why?

Ryan: i have to go to Germany for 1 hole year

Harry: what? When do you leave?

Ryan: in 1 week

Harry: this is going to be hard

Ryan: i know

*someone knock on the door*

Ryan: yes?

Mar: hi, um we are about to watch a movie are you coming?

Ryan: well duh of course *carry her *

Mar: Ry put me down

Ryan: NO until you say ¨ Ryan is the most sexy guy i have ever met¨


Ryan: then i will never put you down

Mar: Ryan, Tomas help me

Tomas: no

Mar: Alexa *Toma's girlfriend*


Ryan: okay only cause im afraid of you * throw Mar to the sofa *

Mar: thanks Alexa

Alexa: welcome

Niall: so guys we were suppose to watch a movie

Mar: true

Zayn: so what movie?

Ryan & Mar: TITANIC

Tomas: we always se that

Ryan: well its our favorite movie

Tomas: pick another one


Louis: YES


*through the movie Mar phone start to ring *

Mar: sorry i'll be back soon *she wents to the kitchen*


Ryan Pov:


we were watching Peter Pan when Mar's iphone starts ringing i know who it is arg that makes me so mad! She wents to the kitchen and everybody start talking or should i say whispering


Tomas: who will call her at this time?

Alexa: Jorge duh

Louis: is he nice?

Ryan: no, he is an ass

Alexa: Ryan

Ryan: what? You know that's true

Niall: poor Mar

Ryan: yes, but she will find True Love soon right Harry

Harry: i don't know?

Liam: oh i know, you like her right Hazza?

Harry: don't call me Hazza and yes i do

Tomas: cool you have my permission 

Zayn: guys silent, listen.


Mar start to shout im gonna kill that aaaaghh BOY

Mar: so you think this is all my fault? F**k i have been through a lot i can survived this you know, oh so you think i did that? what the hell Jorge? Who the hell told you that? oh so Britany! YOU KNOW I CAN`T BELIEVE YOU JUST SAID THAT! MOTHERF¨¨KER I HATE YOU JORGE WITH ALL MY HEART WE ARE OVER OKAY? I HATE YOU SO MUCH * start crying *


Mar pov:


i hate him so much, i was crying so much right now i thought i was with my prince but i guess i was wrong i smile and pretend nothing happened i went back to the living room and everybody was staring at me i think i shouted to much

Mar: hey guys

Ryan: what happen?

Mar: nothing can we forget it?

Tomas: No Mar now tell us

Mar: Later

Niall: what now?


?: *Open's the door* IM HOME, oh hi

Louis: hi

Mar: guys this is Sofia my big sister

Sofia: hi, and i know who are you, you are that band every girl is in love with

Mar: HEY not all the girls

Liam: OUCH

Mar: ugh well i think i can hear at you guys now

Zayn: YEES

Sofia: so i heard there's gonna be Karaoke

Harry: that's right wanna sing?

Sofia: haha no thanks i don't sing but Mar does

Mar: not anymore but i can try it


*she sings Be Alright by Justin Bieber*

Ryan: that's my sister

Tomas: our sister, im so proud you should sing again

Liam: yeah we can help you

Mar: omg and i will meet my celebrity crush?

Zayn: who is it?

Mar: Justin Bieber

Harry: um Justin? he isn't worth it

Niall: shush he is one of my best friends, want me to call him?


Niall: ok


love ya boobears xx


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