the real life of a teenager

One Direction the famous band is forced to go to mexico because they were not the same. What happen when they arrive with his new family and face problems they have never had
Will they know what a normal life is? read

The real life of a teenager


7. Bye Ryan


Ryan: im so sorry sister

Mar: Ryan its okay as long as you stay with me

Ryan: i will always be with you


(still Mar's pov)


the week passed so fast I always cry alone, I know I said i will be strong but the house its not the same without Tomas, today was the day that Ryan was going to Germany I was about to cry we were ate the airport, i didn't care about the One Direction fans and the paparazzi's all i just don't want is my best friend to go. Ryan was hugging me when Harry speaks.


Harry: im getting jealous over here

Mar: * laugh * well relax cause we are always like this 

Ryan: aww Hazza come here * hugs Harry * take care of my best friend you ass

Harry: i will Ryan, take care ok? Oh and stop hugging the people will think we are Gay

Ryan: i will haha, bye Louis please make Mar laugh while im gone, Liam take care dude, Niall don't eat Mar ok? And Zayn thanks for everything please protect her lad. Love you family


 I was crying i can't believe i wasnt gonna see my best friend in 1 hole year, God please help me


Mar: * hugs Ryan * please don't go  * crying on Ryan's chest *

Ryan: i don't want to but i have to, don't worry we can Skype everyday and I will come on Christmas eve and new year ok? Take care sis and don't cry

Mar: I love you

Ryan: I love you more * let go of her  *

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