the real life of a teenager

One Direction the famous band is forced to go to mexico because they were not the same. What happen when they arrive with his new family and face problems they have never had
Will they know what a normal life is? read

The real life of a teenager


2. 2

harry: hello princess

louis: this house is huge

kate: sofia, tomas get down here

tomas: sup mim, sup guys nice to meet you

liam: you too

kate: where's sofia?

tomas: she wents to a club

mariana: its only 6 pm

kate: anyways so paul say you have to live like normal boys so liam and louis you will have a room, niall and zayn another and harry you will share with tomas

liam: thank you kate

zayn: thank you? we have to share rooms where is our privacy?

mariana: as if you need some

zayn: more that you do

mariana: sure zane or whatever you're name is

zayn: not even a day and i already hate you

mariana: aww really? do i look like i care?

jorge: ok stop, im sleepy so im going home

mariana: need a ride?

jorge: sure babe, bye boys bye kate

kate: you are not going alone harry please go with her, bye jorge


*ride care*


jorge: so harry do you have a girlfriend?

harry: no

mariana: aww to bad

harry: yeah

jorge: we are here, thanks babe * kiss her * bye harry

harry: bye


*jorge close the car door and mariana start driving back*


mariana: so?

harry: what are we gonna do at home?

mariana: actually tomas girlfriend and my bestguyfriend are coming to watch movies so you can be there with us

harry: thanks




mariana: we're home

??: comes and gives mariana a big hug

mariana: ryan i can't breath

ryan: shut up i miss you sister

mariana: *get away from him* we saw us yesterday 

ryan: i still don't care, hi you most be the last member od one direction

harry: yeah im harry

ryan: im ryan

mariana: he is my best friend

harry: ryan can we talk in private?

ryan: sure lest go to mar's room

mariana: i wanna know

ryan: sorry sister but its a boy talk

mariana: fine -.-





so what is harry going to tell ryan?

do you like it?

should i continue?


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