Ugh! New Neighbors

Brianna is having ups and down since her mom left for a business trip, she doesn't have a dad, so she is living on her own. But, what happened when the house next door is sold to five guys she doesn't like. Will she fall in love with them or continue hating them.


7. Chapter 6

My eyes got watery I couldn't take it anymore I've broken up with him three times and ended up getting back with him but Not this time. This time we are done for good. I heard him coming I got up with his phone. " get the fuck out" I said " babe what happened" " get the fuck out of my house now" he  opened his arms for a hug " Out" I said and opened the door and through him his phone. He caught it and looked at his messages " babe she just jealous" " then why did you say hat you love her" I could tell that he couldn't think of anything else to say and he walked out and drove off. I closed the door and started crying on the couch. Five minutes later there was a knock on the door I got up and wiped away my tear but I just couldn't. I guess we were yelling to loud that someone had to complain because it was 10:30pm. I opened the door and saw... " Mom.." " hi sweetie what happened" " mom why are you here not to be mean but I thought you were coming back in three months" " we'll they gave me a three days of starting tomorrow and I decided to spend it with my daughter so do you want to tell me why you were crying" " um.. me and Zach are done" " aw.. I'm sorry sweetie" she said hugging me why don't we talk more tomorrow okay" " okay" I helped her with her luggage and we walked upstairs. I gave a kiss to my mom on the cheek " good night mom" " goodnight Bri" I walk into my room and closed the door.  I then put on my pajamas and fell fast asleep.

I woke up the next morning and looked at the clock 10:15 am I got up and walked over to my closet. I grabbed white skinny jeans and a black top with black vans and put them on. I walked downstairs and saw my mom finishing making pancakes. "Morning" I said " morning Bri" she gave me my pancake and I started eating." So I meet the new neighbors they seem nice" my mom said I nodded. " how about we invite them over for dinner" " um yeah sure" I said not really caring.










 I was on the couch watching tv while my mom went toBut then got a text. Zach. 

Z: hey babe want to hangout

B: what part of breaking up don't u understand

Z: 1 more chance

B: I'll rather die

 I deleted him from my contact after that. Ugh I can't believe I gave him another chance when I saw him with my ex best friend. I bet he's even with another girl right now. I looked back at the TV. " everything alright" my mom said " yeah" I said and turned back to the TV. 

 I made a sandwich for lunch and just finish eating it. " Bri I'm going to the grocery store, wanna come." "Um sure" I got up and turned off the tv. I then walked out of the house while my mom was following behind. My mom then unlocked the car and we got in and she started driving

*skipping car ride*


I was walking in an aisle while my mom was getting other thing for the dinner with our new neighbors who I guess are "One Direction".  I got two different types of chips, ice cream, and some thing to drink. I then put them in the cart by my mom. "I'm almost done just going to get a few thing for the salad" "ok Ima go to Blenders want one" "Sure and then meet me at the car" "ok". I then walked out of the store n walked a few stores down the Blenders. I entered the store and luckily there was a lot of people. I walked up to the cash register n asked for two strawberry- banana smoothies. The total was $10. I then payed and waited for then to make my smoothies. I got two straw and my smoothies and turned around and bumped into someone. Ugh why do I keep doing this.. "I'm so sorry" I said while back up a bit. "It's fine. It was my fault I'm sorry" I looked up n meet with his light brown eyes. I then noticed that I was starring for too long. I blushed and looked down. "I'm Austin" he said.


~**Austin's P.O.V.**~

"I'm Brianna but call me Bri." She said while I starred into her eyes. Austin just stop she probably has a boyfriend. And she probably wouldn't wanna date someone famous and have cameras around her.  I looked down at her hands and saw that she had two smoothies. See Austin she's taken.  "Nice to meet you Bri" "you too Austin well I should probably get going". But you know it doesn't hurt to ask. "Bri" "yeah?" "Would you maybe wanna catch a movie with me this Friday" I said hoping she would said yes. "Yeah sure I'd love too" she said smiling. "Ok then um can I have your number?" "Yeah it's *insert number*" she said while I put it into my phone. "Great  so I'll text you later" I said. "Yeah" she said smiling. "Well I gotta go"she said. "Oh ok" "bye" she said waving and walking away. I then waved back and went to order my smoothie.

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