Ugh! New Neighbors

Brianna is having ups and down since her mom left for a business trip, she doesn't have a dad, so she is living on her own. But, what happened when the house next door is sold to five guys she doesn't like. Will she fall in love with them or continue hating them.


6. Chapter 5

~**Bri's P.O.V.**~

Once we were all on the couch I went to YouTube on my laptop and typed One Direction songs and clicked enter then I pressed on a song called One Thing. "You guys are going to sing One Thing" I said " Okay" they all said. I start the song and they sang. Time past to when they were done. " now do you believe us" Harry said " yeah sure" my phone started to ring and I picked it up. " hello" " hey babe" " um who is this" " babe you don't recognize your own boyfriend, Zach" "two things, the first don't call me babe, two I'm not your girlfriend anymore" " when did we brake up" "um let's see when you were kissing Ashley" " babe let me explain" " I told you not call me babe, jerk" "hey I'm not a jerk I was sleeping and when I woke up Ashley was on top on me ok" "really?" I chuckled " yes really I don't even know how she got in my house" I stayed silent " babe I miss you" " I miss you too" " how about I drop by today at 7" " ok sounds good" " bye love ya" " love you too bye" I hung up and saw the boys starring. " what" I said "um nothing" Harry said. " okay" I said. " I think we should get going" Liam said getting up and then the rest did the same. I got up and walked to the door and opened it. We said bye and the walked out first Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and then Harry but as he was walking out he winked at me I mumbled but so he can hear " I got a boyfriend" I said then he walked out and I closed the door. 

~**Harry's P.O.V.**~

 As she hung up her phone I can tell that everyone was shocked I thought that she was this sweet, sensitive girl who doesn't yell and have attitude. " what" she said" um nothing" I said. " okay" she said I couldn't stop starring at her she was just beautiful even though I didn't expect her to be like that. I loved her. Wait Harry what are you saying you just met her and it looks like she didn't even want to meet us. But there isn't any rules right. " I think we should get going" Liam said and got up. I turned to look at the boys and I can tell that they liked her too. But she was going to be mine. We all got up and said bye I was the last to leave before I left I winked at her. " I got a boyfriend" she mumbled but loud enough so I could hear. I smiled and left and we walked toward the house. We all got in and started unpacking.


~**Zach's P.O.V.**~

 Can't believe how stupid Bri is. I have been cheating on her with Ashley, and Chloe and none of them know. Bri has seen me kiss Chloe but then she says that we broke up then I always say the same thing and then we always get back together. Like know I just call her and we are know back together. Anyways I am driving to her house now. I got to her house and saw a car in the house next door. Someone moved into the neighborhood. I parked on the street and walked to her door and knocked.

~**Bri's P.O.V.**~

 it has been five minutes since one direction left my house. Wow I was never expecting them to move in next door. Then someone knocked on the door. I opened the door the see Zach. " Hey babe" he said coming in and closing the door " hey" I said and then he kissed me. "Want to watch a movie he said and should me three movies he brought with him. " sure" I said and sat on the couch and he followed he put in the movie and we started watching comedy movie. Time passed and the movie finished. I saw him texting then he said "can I use your bathroom" " yeah sure" he already know we're it was he got up and went to the bathroom leaving his phone on the couch. There was a ding psi I picked up his phone to see him texting ...CHLOE. I looked at his messages.

 When are you coming I miss you-Chloe 

Don't worry I'll come by tonight miss you too I'll text you when I'm coming over -Zach

ok- Chloe

I love you-Zach

I love you too-Chloe

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