Look Who's Falling Now!

Two sisters and their family take vacation to England for 2 weeks.
Selena loves one direction and she will do anything to meet them. Bella just wants to go back home. Bella doesn't like one direction at all. But what happens when one of the members of one direction falls in love with her? Will she give him a chance?


5. Run away with me?

                      Bella's POV

"Run away with me?" Harry asks 

"What!" I ask unsure of myself or him. 

"Will you run away with? Just for now." He asks again. 

"Why would I run away with you?" I ask. 

"Just come on I'll explain later!" He takes my arm and pulls me. We start running away for some reason and he only knows why. 

                        Liam's POV 

"Look!" Niall says and I look at them. 
They ran away. Bella ran away with Harry. Why Harry? I kind of have a crush on Bella. Ok! I know! Harry is almost in love with her! Almost? He is in love! He saw her first. I just can't stop thinking about her.  Ever since Danielle and I broke up, I couldn't find anyone else, but she's perfect. Liam! Shut up! You can't have her. I quickly snap out of my day dream and Selena starts to talk. 

"They got away!" Selena says. 

"Wow maybe they're both in love!" Niall said. 
My heart kind of broke. It stung. 

                      Louis's POV

 I'm really worried right now. I decided I was gonna look in the lobby. Zayn's probably looking at himself in the mirror.  Why Zayn, why? Well I was running all around the lobby. I couldn't find them. Then I get a text from Liam. 

From Liam: Harry and Bella ran away. 

To Liam: are you serious?

From Liam: why would I joke about that?

To Liam: yeah your right. We have to find them. Why would they run away?

From Liam: idk

To Liam: what so you want me to do?

From Liam: go look for them around the hotel inside and out

To Liam: k good luck

From Liam: good luck to you to

They ran away? Why! Oh my god. I hope their safe. Of course they would be! Lou, stop worrying! They're fine! 

I start looking through the hotel and outside. They're no where to be found. 

                       Harry's POV

We run into the woods and I stop to catch my breath. I look at my phone to see the time. 5:35. I look around and see that we're in the middle of no where. I think we're lost. Uh oh. 

"Explain. Now." She said. 

"Niall, Liam, and Selena I guess came looking for us and I couldn't let them ruin this." I explain

"Ruin what? Talking?"

"I thought it could be more than talking. Or maybe less."

"Harry? What do you mean?"

I take out my phone and put More Than This on. 

"Maybe we can do a little dancing." I say. "May I have this dance?" I stretch out my hand and she actually takes it! Yes!

We start dancing to the music. 

                        Bella's POV

"May I have this dance?" He stretches out his hand and I take it. 
I mean one dance wouldn't hurt. 
I recognize the song from their concert but don't know the name. I kind of like their music now. But now I'm feeling butterflies... Could I actually be falling for him?

We look into each other's eyes. Now a million butterflies. I think I am falling for him. Why did I have to look into those beautiful green eyes? Oh my god I am falling for him. 

He pulls me closer. Oh god stop this now! Wait... Never mind. I kind of like it. Oh no...  

Then we stop dancing but the song wasn't over. We both were still looking into each other's eyes. 

He leaned in to kiss me. This time I let him and I kissed back. It was kind of like my dream, but better. 
We both pulled away. 
"This time you let me." He said and smiled. 

"Yeah." I blushed

"Did you know your beautiful?"

"Shut up." I blushed again. 

"I'm telling the truth."

                          Harry's POV

She finally let me kiss her! And she kissed back! It was like nothing I ever felt before. 

I had nothing else to say so I complimented her. I called her beautiful. I don't think she knows she's beautiful. I felt like singing her the song. But I didn't. 
I wonder if she likes to sing. 

"Do you like to sing?" I asked her

"Yeah. I even write some songs."

"Ooh can I see 'em?"

"No. There kinda personal and you'd probably make fun of them like everyone else."

"I would never make fun of songs you wrote. And who made fun of your songs?"

"Mostly my sister."


"Yeah." She looked kind of sad. 

"We'll she doesn't know music if it hit her face."

"She likes your music."

"Oh yeah. Sorry."

"No it's ok."

She looked sad again so I kissed her in the cheek. 

"Will you stop?" She said smiling. 

"Never. Bella can I ask you something?"


I took a deep breath. 

"Will you be my girlfriend?" I felt proud of myself for finally getting that out. 

"I um don't know."

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