Look Who's Falling Now!

Two sisters and their family take vacation to England for 2 weeks.
Selena loves one direction and she will do anything to meet them. Bella just wants to go back home. Bella doesn't like one direction at all. But what happens when one of the members of one direction falls in love with her? Will she give him a chance?


33. I Love You

Bella's POV "Hi. We'd like to check in." Harry says. "Yes? Last name?" The lady says. "Uh actually we haven't made a reservation." I say. "Sorry but you can't stay here then. We have people coming in everyday. They made reservations." "Ok." I say. "Now what?" He asks. We walk out of the hotel. "We can just... Stay at your place. I'm kinda rethinking this." "We don't have to run away." "Your right. I'll just talk to my dad." We walk back to my house. "I love you. I can never live without you. I'm sorry for getting you in trouble. I'm sorry for hurting you. Please talk to your dad. I wanna keep seeing you. In the future, I wanna marry you." "Oh my god Harry. That's so beautiful! I don't wanna leave you either. I love you too. And I wanna marry you to." Our lips connect. I hear the door open. "Well well well." It's Selena. "What?" I ask her after we pulled away. "I'm just looking at the girl who just had sex with Harry Styles." "How did you know?" "I heard all the yelling." "What?!?!" "I mean our dad silly." "I need to talk to him now." "Oh just one thing." She says. "Look who's falling now!" I roll my eyes and we go into the house. She was right. I was falling. Falling for Harry. No. I fell for Harry. I found my dad. "Dad I need to talk to you. Alone." I say. We go in my room. I close my door. "I knew you'd come back." "I'm sorry dad. You were right. I shouldn't have it at 17. I should wait until I'm 21. Just please don't stop me and Harry from seeing each other. I love him." I start to cry. "It's ok. I know you love him. You can stay with him. But no having it. Only at 21. Just never run away from me." We hug each other. "Oh I went to the doctors and have no baby." "That's good." "Yeah." "Bella. Your whole future is ahead of you. You got your singing career ahead of you. And I can already tell your gonna marry Harry. You have to be patient. You can't rush into things. You only knew this boy not even two months. It's August and you met in July. Don't rush into anything. I know you love him. But you have to be patient." He brushes the hair out of my face. "I know." "Your a smart girl." "I love you so much. Your the best dad in the world." "Harry will be a great dad too." "I know he will." "I know he will to." I smile through the tears. "Now go to him." I walk to him and run into his arms. "We can stay together." I say. "Yes! I love you so much. I don't know what I'd do without you." We hug each other. We kiss, ignoring everyone around us. "I love you too." "Meet me in front of the house at 8:00." "Ok." -8:00- I walk out the front door and see Harry standing there. "Come on." He says. He reaches out his hand. I take it. "Where are we going?" "You'll see." We walk through the park and into the woods. It was the same place where we had run away to. He takes out his phone and plays More Than This. He stretches his arm out. "May I have this dance." I roll my arms and take his hand. "I thought it would be nice for memories. To keep the memories stronger." We start dancing. "Like when we ran away to this spot. We started dancing to this song. This is our song." "Yup. More Than This is our song." "What?" "It's just that I thought you didn't like one direction." "Now I do. You made me like one direction. Now I have something to love in one direction. You." "Remember I had to chase you." "Yeah. You tried to get me to like one direction. You tried to kiss me." "Yeah. And this is the spot where we first became a couple. To be honest, I couldn't stop thinking about you the day we bumped into each other." "Me neither. I'm so glad you put all your effort to become my boyfriend." "Bella. Your the best thing that's ever happened to me. I love with all my heart and I never want to leave you." We lean in and kiss. I have my whole life to kiss him. I have my whole life to look toward to. I have my music career. I have a family two loves me. I have friends. I have a boyfriend. I have Harry. I hope one day I'll be Mrs. Styles. Bella Styles. I'm do glad we met that first day. If we hadn't bumped into each other that first day, I would've been lonely my whole life. If my sister didn't encourage me to go to that concert, I would have never really known who one direction was. If my mom and dad would have never planned a trip to go to England I would've never had met them at all. If Selena hadn't given them my phone number when she went backstage, I would have never kept in touch with them. The point is, if I had never done any of this, I don't know where I'd be. "I love you Harry." "I love you too Bella." I guess Selena was right. Look who's falling now! THE END
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