Out of My Limit

Jen Irwin is an 18 year old girl from Sydney, Australia. She's an undiscovered singer who just happens to be Ashton Irwin's younger sister. She plays in small clubs around town, that is until Simon Cowell discovers her.


One Direction's opening act just cancelled on them last minute so the boys have to find a new opening act or else the tour is cancelled. Simon calls up Jen to tell her she is opening up for a band but doesn't tell her who.


What happens if Jen starts falling for 2/5 of One Direction but they only see her as a friend? What happens if 2/5 of 5 Seconds of Summer starts falling for her but she doesn't have the same feelings? What would be Ashton's reaction to all this?


2. Chapter Two


 ** A week in a half later **

   I was woken up by the sun shining in through the window. In 3 days I will be going on tour. I was beyond excited. I jumped out of bed and went downstairs where, I found Ash sitting on the couch watching Tv. "Morning!" I smile and sit beside him with my bowl of cereal. "Morning." I put my empty bowl on the coffee table and laid back on the couch. "Aren't you going on tour in 3 days?" I looked over a him and nod my head. "Did you even start packing?" I widened my eyes. "Shit!" I jump off then remembered something. "Hey smarty pants, don't you have a tour in 3 days also?" He nods so I continue. "Did YOU start packing yet?" He looks at me and gets up. "I thought so," I stated and smiled. "Shut up," I chuckle and skip to my room, with a smile on my face. 

   "Hey, Ashton," I say, walking into his bed room where, found him packing. "Yeah?" He stops and looks up at me. "I'm going out to meet Taylor. Be back soon," I bent down to give him a hug. "Are you finished packing?" I smirked and nodded. "How the hell do you finish so quickly?" he says, pointing to his luggage. "You're just slow," I chuckled and walked out the door. 

   I arrived at Starbucks, where I was meeting up with my best friend, Taylor. "Can I have a small caramel frappuccino please?" The girl nods and I step aside waiting for my drink. The guy who was making the drinks, set mine down on the counter. "Hey, Jen!" I grab my frappuccino and turned around. "Hey Tay!" I hug her and we sat down at a table by a corner. "So, what are you up to?" I shrugged, taking a sip of my drink. "I'm going on tour in 3 days." I said and Taylor's jaw fell open. "Oh my gosh! That's amazing! Who are you touring with?" I shrugged. "They never told me. I think it's a surprise." She nods and I stand up. "I got to go now. Don't forget to text me!" I pull her into a hug and left. 

  "Ash, im home!" I yelled, walking in the front door. "I'm in my room," I walk upstairs to his messy room. "Are you seriously still packing?" I ask looking at his luggage. "Yes!" I roll my eyes. "I have been gone for an hour, you are the slowest person I know!" I bend down beside him and started packing his bags. "There. All done," I stated proudly. "Wow, you really are fast," I laugh and walk out of his room. 

"I'm going to go out with the boys! See you later!" I wave bye and he leaves. 


Harry's POV

  "I'm sure Simon found someone Lou, stop worrying!" I said, patting Louis' back. We walk into Simon's office and sat down. "Okay so, the tour is in 3 days and guess what?" We all wait, anxiously for Simon's answer. "I have found you guys an opening act!" We all stand up and start cheering with joy. "Who?" Louis asks. "Her name is Jen." We all nod and leave his office, happy that the tour is still on. 


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