It's All About Trust

The famous Harry Styles has been in some horrible relationships, especially one where he fought with his girlfriend every day about anything. And then there is Elizabeth, she was in a relationship where she got abused and now she won't trust one single guy, afraid of all. But when Harry and Ashley meet will he be able to get her to trust him? Will he actually try to date her after all his relationships?


3. Small Break? No, Were Over.

[Harry's POV]

"There are more fish in the sea..."

Me and Niall played video games and I told him about me and Ashley's break up. I glance at my phone to see that it's nine so I stand up, "Well mate, I got to leave to see if Ashley actually left my flat."

Niall stands up turning off the game, "I don't believe that you punched two holes in the wall. I'm coming with just to see if your telling the truth."

I laugh, "Trust me, I am." We walk out of his flat and to his car. "I was so mad that I forgot to take my car and walked here." I tell him as we hop inside his car.

Me and Niall had a weird conversation until we finally reached my flat. We walked up there and to my surprise Ashley was actually gone! I smile until I see a note on the kitchen counter,

Hey Harry babe, I think we should talk about this. I don't want this to be over, let's think about this as a small break while you cool off. Call me when you're ready to talk.

I stare at the note in disbelief, is it really going to be this difficult to break up with her? Why can't she just understand that were over? This is not a break, no way in hell this is. I told her that were over and I'm sticking to my word. Niall pulls me out of my thoughts by shouting, "Shit! I thought you were just joking mate! Damn!" I look at him and he is staring at the wall like an idiot with his eyes wide.

"Really, it's nothing Niall." I say shrugging my shoulders.

He looks over at me and then looks at the note in my hands, "What's that?" He questions as he walks over to me. I show him the note and he laughs loudly. I rip up the paper and toss it in the trash, "She was one of the best girlfriends you have had mate!" Niall jokes.

"Damn Niall. Let's be serious! I have to call her. And clear this up!" I say as I pull my phone out. Niall sits on my couch and turns on the tv making himself at home.

I roll my eyes and sigh once I hear Ashley's high pitched voice, "Hey babe!" She says cheerfully.

"Ashley were over. There is no break. It's over, were done okay?" I say coldly through the phone.

Her voice cracks as she says, "Fine bitch. Bye." And then she hangs up.

I sigh and Niall looks over at me. I flash him a small smile, "Well that went well..." I say sarcastically. Niall rolls his eyes at me as I sit down next to him.

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