It's All About Trust

The famous Harry Styles has been in some horrible relationships, especially one where he fought with his girlfriend every day about anything. And then there is Elizabeth, she was in a relationship where she got abused and now she won't trust one single guy, afraid of all. But when Harry and Ashley meet will he be able to get her to trust him? Will he actually try to date her after all his relationships?


5. Harry's Place

[Elizabeth's POV] *Harry's house*

"...And sometimes I feel like strangers know me better..."

How did I get myself here, in a strangers home? Sitting on his couch, drinking tea and talking. But this time I'm not stuttering, I'm not as scared as I was earlier but yet I'm still scared. He got me to laugh more, to smile just a little bit more, to have a normal conversation with him, to actually joke with him. I haven't done something like this in awhile and I honestly just can't believe it. I found someone who actually wants to learn about me, to talk with me, to joke with me, to find the true me that is hidden. He has a huge place too and when I thought he was just your normal everyday nineteen year old he told me that he is famous, singer with four other lads. He asked me if I wanted to meet them and I quickly shook my head 'no' and I'm glad that he understood. But I can't just trust him right away, he has to earn my trust, it's not something that I just hand out to anyone especially a guy. He pulls me out of my thoughts, "So how can I get you to trust me so you won't be out on the chilly streets tonight?"

My eyes go wide in shock, no one has ever wanted my trust as much as this curly haired boy did, "I don't know." I say honest.

"How about I don't touch you without your permission, and we could have a safe word or something that you could yell if you don't like something, or if you're scared."

I can't help but smile at him and chuckle, a safe word? Awh, he is cute. Er what did I just say? No, I didn't just say that. "I don't need a safe word harry. But I do like the fact that you won't touch me without my permission. You're really nice, you respect me and I like that."

He smiles, "Since we know each other a little bit more would you want to tell me why you're so scared?"

My smile fades, "Harry, I know you really want to know, that you want to help. But I probably would barely consider you a friend yet, just wait."

I hear the door open and then shut, "Harry! Are you home cause me and the boys can over to-" Niall stops talking once he sees me. I start to get scared again, what if this was just a plan to hurt me with these other four boys? I start to breath heavy again as I just look up at the four boys.

"Elizabeth it's okay. These boys are nice and they won't touch you or hurt you." Harry says in a smoothing voice which surprisingly calms me down a little.

All the boys smile at me and then they all sit down, making themselves at home. "Harry! Got yourself a girl?" One boy with black hair styled in a quiff asks.

"Aye, I thought you didn't want to date for awhile after Ashley?" A boy with a buzz cut asks.

"Well, you obviously get all the pretty girls Harry." The one boy with blonde hair says as he rolls his eyes.

"N-No." I say fast responding to all these comments. Then I continue, "W-Were not d-dating. W-We just met."

They all look at me surprised about how I'm talking, the scared in my voice. "Are you okay?" The one wearing a striped shirt asks in concern.

"Guys she's just scared of men! God and there are five of here! Could everyone just-" Harry begins but I interrupt him.

"I'm f-fine Harry! I'm j-just g-going to go into the guest room and relax for a l-little. I need to get away from all of you b-before I got into panic attack." I say as I get up and leave the room making my fast to the guest room fast.

[Harry's POV]

"You idiots scared her away!" I hiss at them.

"Well we didn't know mate!" Liam argues.

"Hey, who thought she was really pretty?" Niall asks. We all roll over eyes which makes Niall annoyed, "What?!" He asks almost yelling.

"Mate, it's gonna take awhile for me to even become her friend, let alone get her to trust me. So, you won't be able to get her. But I do agree she is very pretty." I say looking at Niall.

"So why is she scared?" Louis asks.

"I don't know. I have to earn her trust and become her best friend pretty much in order to know." I respond looking at the ground.

"So why is she here?" Zayn questions.

"She doesn't have a home after she ran away from her boyfriend. Which is the reason why she is so afraid of us and won't trust us. Makes me sick to think of the things he could have done to her." I say through my teeth.

"She has no money?" Niall asks.

"She as a little but barely anything. I decided to let her crash here and I'm going to give her money. I'm gonna help her find a place to stay, find a job, and become her best friend. Her only friend really. I'm going to earn her trust and learn so much more about her. Even though we just met today I want to do anything to help her." I say with a small smile.

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