Maybe It Was Fate

Sydney and Noah were engagaed. Everything was perfect, until a car accident, that changed her life completely. One day, while walking the streets of London, Sydney ran into Harry. Will he be able to let Sydney fall in love again?


16. Three Months Later

Three Months Later
            "Babe, it's time to get up." I heard Harry whisper. I groaned. 
            "Need. More. Sleep." I slowly replied. I was exhausted. 
            "You can sleep in the car. We need to finish our last minute packing." Harry told me. 
            "What time is it?" I asked him, starting to wake up more. 
            "Nine." Harry replied. I got up slowly. I was four months pregnant so, my baby bump was getting big, and I couldn't sleep in his clothes anymore. 
            "Good morning beautiful." Harry kissed me. 
            "Good morning handsome." I replied. He smiled at me, and I got up off the bed. 
            "Can I shower first?" I asked him. 
            "Only if I can join you." He teased. I walked into the bathroom without giving an answer. "I'm taking that as a yes!" Harry said, walking into the bathroom. We got into the shower, and I got into a onesie after our shower. I put my hair up, and started doing my makeup. 
            "You don't need that." Harry told me. 
            "Oh contraire my friend. If we're going out in public, I do." I told him. He smiled, and rolled his eyes at me. 
            "Fine. But you're beautiful without it." He said, kissing my neck. After five months, I still get butterflies with him. I turned to him, and kissed him. I finished doing my makeup, and we finished packing. We walked out into the living room, and set our stuff by the elevator. One by one, everyone came out. We were finally all ready, and we were waiting when Louis got a phone call.
            "They're here." Louis announced. We all got up, and went to the elevator. We realised not all of us would fit on one elevator, so Louis, Zayn, and Liam went first. We waited for another one, and Megan, Niall, Harry, and I all went down. Someone took our bags, and we all loaded into the van. After a few hours, we arrived at the arena. We got out, and explored a little before they started the sound check. Megan and I got to watch their soundcheck. There were some fans there too. Some of them came over and greeted us. They asked us for autographs and pictures, while the boys were talking in their soundcheck. We agreed, and they talked to me about the baby 
            "Are you excited?" They asked me. 
            "Yeah! I'm really excited. We get to find out the sex next month." I told them. They seemed really excited, and they said goodbye, and went back to watching the boys. After the soundcheck, we went backstage, and hung out. They had a lot of food, which was really good, because I was starving. I walked to Harry with a plate of food. 
            "You hungry, Niall?" He teased. 
            "Shut up!" I playfully hit his arm. "Would you like to carry this baby?!" I asked him. He shook his head. 
            "No thanks!" He replied. 
            "Alrighty then. Let me eat in peace." I told him. He chuckled, and put his arm around my waist. A few hours later, the opening act went on, and security found seats for Megan and I to watch the concert. The boys came on, and went through their concert. They were being weird, which was no surprise. Somehow Harry's shirt was ripped. 
            "Just for you, Sydney!" Louis spoke into the mic, pointing to me." People were staring at me, and I could feel my face heating up. 
            "He's a babe. I know!" I yelled back to Louis, and they all laughed, and Louis repeated it to the fans. They screamed in agreement. After a few more songs, the concert ended, and we went backstage with the boys. They had their meet and greet, and then we drove to our hotel. 
            "Wow." I whispered. Harry looked at me confused. "I can't believe you guys do that almost every night." I told him. 
            "Neither can I. But I absolutley love it." He replied. We got to the hotel, and separated into rooms. Niall and Megan shared one, Harry and I shared one, and the rest of the boys were in their own rooms. I fell asleep, as a proud girlfriend. 
            The guys had an interview today, and then another concert tonight. We got to go to their interview, and then we were going to go shopping. During the interview, Megan and I were brought up. 
            "Well, I think we're just the luckiest guys out there. I mean, Louis' got Eleanor, Zayn's got Perrie, Liam's got Dani, and so I think Niall and I got lucky when Sydney and Megan came into our lives." Harry told the interviewer. Megan and I looked at each other, smiling. 
           "Now, what about Sydney's pregnancy? Harry, are you excited? Scared?" The interviewer asked. 
           "I'm a bit nervous that I'm going to be an awful dad!" He joked. "But I'm really excited to be a dad." Harry replied. They talked about their tour, and album, and finally ended the interview. The guys all walked out.  We greeted them, and then said our goodbyes, so that Megan and I could go shopping. I had brought some money, so that Harry didnt need to spend any money on me. 
            After about two hours of shopping, and realising we needed to get back, we started walking back to our hotel. "I had a lot of fun! I told Megan. She nodded, in agreement. We had about four bags each of clothing. We reached the hotel, and luckily, no one found us. We took the elevator up to our floor. We each went separated into our rooms. Harry smiled when I walked in. 
            "What'd you buy?" He asked. I held a finger up, to tell him to hold on, and I set the bags down on the bed. I grabbed the outfits out of each bag, and laid them on top of each other. I grabbed them one by one and showed them to Harry. The first one was, a chevron maxi skirt with a plain white shirt, the second one was, a green and white striped shirt, with a pair of leggings, the third one, was a pink and white striped tank top, with another pair of leggings, and the last one was a white sleeveless maxi dress that faded to pink at the bottom. They were all maternity clothes, that were much needed. 
             "Harry, when I have this baby, we're going to need a crib." It finally clicked in his brain, that we were going to need stuff for this baby. "And where is the baby going to sleep when we get back?" I started panicking. 
             "Don't worry Sydney. I'll get management to get you and I our own flat, and move our stuff into it, and when we know if this baby is a boy or a girl, then we'll get them to decorate it." He tried to calm me down. "It will all be okay." He pulled me into his chest, and kissed the top of my head. "Now, we're going out to dinner before our concert tonight, so if you need to get ready, then go ahead. I nodded, and got up. I grabbed the maxi skirt with the white shirt, and changed into it, while touching up my makeup. We had an amazing dinner with our friends, and enjoyed another amazing concert. 

*sorry guys! I didn't really know how to end this chapter, but I hope you like the story so far.* 

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