Look After You

It is 2088 Gisele and the 11 others are each from the zodiac chosen to go to a Boarding school. They will train and fight against each other winning fame and good fortune for their family. This year is different with the world just coming out of World War III and America on edge. Instead of the winner just wining fame and fortune, the winners will become a secret weapon for America. Changing some rules as well like having to stay partners, same sex dorm rooms and only one from each team can win. Will this cause them to rebel? Especially for love.


18. Vemon & Tears

Gisele P.O.V

I went up stairs to where demy was, i opened the door he was sitting on his bed ripping up piece of paper. “Demetrio” i whispered he looked up at me “what?” he said in a nasty tone. “why did you become friends with me?” i asked “i don’t know” “is it because i am the chosen one and if we are friends you win right?” he looked at me in shock “how’d you-“ i cut him off “Cyneric told me” i informed him. “you mean your boyfriend?” he huffed, “no and he’s not my boyfriend” i snapped. “uh huh” he stood up “thats why he was all over you” “what? Are you jealous?” i smirked “psh, you wish i’d rather die, i hate you” he said sharply. I go quiet “whatever” i growled “what, you don’t believe me?” he snarked “no i don’t” “well i do hate you, you’re annoying and stupid, you practically had to retake all your finals, and you’re a whore, melody told me about the boys from your old school.” He spatted. My face-harden i was about to cry then all of a sudden the mystery man surrounded me.

“he’s lying he doesn’t hate you at all, it’s just jealousy eating him alive “ he whispered “yeah right” my voice cracked “it’s true and he doesn’t think you’re stupid he knows why  you had to retake them” he went on. “how do you know?” i asked on the verge of tears “start crying” he commanded “why?” i asked confused  “just do it he’ll break his act” he whispered then disappeared. Demy was still ranting i started crying he stopped talking he was quiet starring “why are you crying?” he asked “i don’t know maybe because someone who i thought was my friend just degraded everything about me” i said still crying. He came up to me “hey i-“ i moved away “i’m sorry i didn’t mean-” “i don’t care” i moved away “i’m sorry im stupid and i get mad easily” i shook my head he sighed “i’m  an idiot, please forgive me?” he begged i hugged him still crying “thank you” he whispered hugging me back.


well it's been a long break sorry about that i everyone had a good turkey day (if you celebrate it that is) :) enjoy

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