1d imagines

If you would like an imagine, please just comment your name and any imformation about yourself you would like me to put into the imagine.


3. Imagine for cloud<3

          🍀A FAIRY TAIL THAT LASTS  FOREVER🍀                          Imagine your in a cafe and just as you start singing guess who walks in NIALL.

After you finish your performance Niall comes up to you and says " hi my name Niall what's yours "you reply by saying"umumum my names savannah" he says "hi savannah I was wondering I'm having an audition for a girl to sing a duet with me and I think you would be perfect by the way it's for my label I hope to see you at the coliseum 2pm Tomorrow bye".
Five hours later the time has come for your audition so you rush over to the coliseum when walk through the door you see Niall auditioning some other girls and you get a bit jealous so you say"hey Niall" Niall replies " hi savannah your just the one I wanted to see" you reply by saying" is it my turn" and he says "yes as you go up on stage Niall says I love your brown eyes there so dreamy sorry you can start now".

After the audition Niall come up to you and tells you how he feels about you and asks you on a date and of course you say YES he says "savannah meet met at my house at 5pm Tuesday and you say see you then". 
Two days pass and its already time for you to go out on a date with Niall because your practically boyfriend and girlfriend. As you walk through the door sitting on the table is a box of chocolates that say I love you savannah a hundred times after you look at the chocolates you give Niall a kiss and say "awwwwww your so romantic. At the very end of your date he gets out of his chair and Neal's down and ask you to marry him and you say YES. 
                          TILL NEXT TIME

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