A new life

This story is about a girl who thought her life was over untill she made friends


4. The walk

The walk 

"Ok sweetie have you got everything?" Mum asks before i got to Danielle's. "Yes" i reply. "Ok bye Alex bye mum"  "bye" they both reply. As i walk out the door i notice Niall, Liam and someone else. "Hey guys" i shout from across the road. They all smiled and waved.  "Hey Hayley this is Zayn" Niall said while smiling at me. I replied with a simple hello im Hayley. It turns out that the boys were going to Danielle's house too.  As we walk i hear my phone go off. "Umm Zayn ur girlfriend said text her" I think oh god im going to be stuck with another person i dont really know. Once we arrived we all settled in and sat down it was me, danielle, Liam, Niall, Zayn and a girl i have not meet named Perrie. Perrie was Zayns girlfriend. Suddenly Zayn said "Omg who agrees That Niall and Hayley should go out" everyone raised their hand i moved back and blushed so did Niall. 
At home
Once i got back home i ran up stairs and laid on my bed. Dairy update: Omg i think Niall knows i like him only if Zayn shut his big mouth. Well school tomorow. I shut my book and fell asleep. 
Alex stormed into my room and woke me up saying "Hayley Danielle's here" i got up and walk down the stairs.

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