A new life

This story is about a girl who thought her life was over untill she made friends


6. Perrie vs danielle

Perrie vs Danielle

Perrie and i walked to school together. As we enter the school grounds we see Liam, Zayn, Niall and Danielle. We just kept walking like we didnt care. "Hey Hayley wait up" Naill shouted. "Hayley its been about one month now and what im trying to ask is that well do you want to go out with me?" He asked while going red in the face. I looked at Perrie she nodded so did i. "Yeah umm in really glad you asked me" i replied. He had a huge smile on his face which made me feel comfortable. 'Zingggggggg' everyone rushed to class. "Ok everyone grab a partner" Mr Willhouse demanded. I instantly looked at danielle she smiled. "Hey why did you suddenly ditch Perrie?" "Ughhhh why does everyone think i did that i just wanted to hang with the boys" she yelled. She ran out of class and went out of sight  for the rest of the day. I told Perrie about everything as we walked home. 

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