Jasmine Snow isn't a normal 16 year old. Usually teenagers grow up with the occasional argument with their father or mother, but Jasmine doesn't have arguments. If she says something that is rude to her father, she gets beaten. What happens next? Read to find out.
-Harry Styles fan fic-


4. Chapter 4

Jasmine's P.O.V 

We just arrived at Harry's flat when a guy came out with a striped shirt and a pair of suspenders on.

"Hey Harry." He said as he hugged Harry. "And who the fuck are you" He asked as he glared at me.

The memories of Daniel fled my mind. All the times he would curse at me and hit me. Every time I couldn't eat because I was fat or that time when he beat me so much I passed out. I knew I was going to cry so I ran to the bathroom and locked the door. I broke down. 

A half an hour later I heard a knock on the door. I fell asleep after I was done crying, it just took so much energy.

"Jasmine come out!" I heard a voice say. "I got gum!" I knew it was Harry. I got up and unlocked the door. He looked me in the eyes and hugged me.

"I- I'm sorry" I managed to get out before I started to cry again.

"Shh it'll be okay." He said as he rubbed my back.


Harry's P.O.V

"Hey Harry." Louis said as he hugged me. "And who the fuck are you" He asked as he glared at Jasmine. I scowled at Louis and then took my attention to Jasmine. She ran up stairs into the bathroom and as I heard the door click I looked at Louis.

"Why the hell did you do that?" I asked.

"I don't know. You usually don't bring girls home so I didn't know what to say?" 

"You fucking idiot. You have Eleanor. You should know how to treat a girl!" I shouted before I punched Louis in the nose. Just as he took a step back Eleanor entered the room with Niall, Liam, Zayn, Perrie and Danielle.

I ran up to the bathroom and knocked on the bathroom door. "Jasmine come out!" I yelled. "I got gum!" I added, just so she knew who it was. She came out. I looked into her eyes and gave her a hug

"I- I'm sorry" She said before crying.

"Shh it'll be okay." I took her hand and walked downstairs. Theres something about this girl that makes me feel so good.


Eleanor's P.O.V (Bet yah didn't see that coming?)

"What happened here?" I asked. Louis had a bloody nose and Harry had just ran up stairs to the loo.

"Me and Harry got into a fight over a girl." I scowled at him. How dare he. "No not like that, Harry brought a girl into the house and I sort of talked to her a bit rudely." He said the last part a bit quietly but not quite enough for me not to hear him.

"What did you say to her?" 

"I just asked who the fuck she was." And as he said that, Harry and a very thin, very frail looking girl came into the room. I wanted to just run over to her and hug her. She looked so torn apart. She had bruises on her face and arms, and two black eyes.

"Hi I'm Eleanor." 

"I'm Jasmine."

Harry whispered something to Jasmine which made her laugh, then he spoke. "Now if you don't mind we're going to go get some sleep." And yet again they both left the room.


Jasmine's P.O.V

I went to 'my' room and changed into my hello kitty pajama shorts and my hello kitty tank top. Shortly after Harry walked into my room.

"Goodnight beautiful." He said. Just as he was about to walk out of the room I stopped him.

"Harry, stay." And with that Harry took off his shirt and got into the bed with me. Can you believe it? I meet Harry on a plane and now were sleeping in the same room. This has turned out to be the best day ever.


A/N, So no one left any questions for my Q And A so I'll just say it again. Next chapter I will be doing a Q And A so leave questions. Also, can you guys please say something other than that, Anyways love y'all Xoxo

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