Be My Wish

When Ze catches the attention of an international pop star he can't help but get caught in her looks. Her looks get the better of her too, a pop star named Justin Bieber also gets caught in her looks too. When the two international pop stars go at it, theres no TELLING of who will get Ze.......


2. Opening Night (Part Two)

It was almost time to go,  when I slipped the dress over my straightened brown hair. My look was perfect, the dress was strapless and perfect.  And somehow yes a fourteen year old  could fill out the breasts of  the dress. I remembered I forgot to call back Nicki but it was too late, she was already at the door banging on it.  My feet were trembling down the stairs, and when I got to the door my brother was waiting for me with three tickets in hand.

"Wow Ze, you look perfect.." He  trails on. I  push my brother out of the way of the door and take the tickets, when I open the door Nicki was jumping on the door for me to answer.


We finally pulled up to the theater that Austin Mahone was performing at. My brother had this kind of tenseness in his eyes that he couldn't probably wait to get out. I opened the car and door and almost fainted, I was about to see Austin Mahone in person.  

When we walked inside I wanted to die right then. The lights were more than perfect and it felt like they were all shining on me. My brother led my into the row where we we're going to sit. When we got to the seat I  touched the railing that held us between the stage.

The concert finally started and I felt like it was just for me. Which it was. When Austin came out he came directly over to us in the seats. He was perfect. I didn't scream, I just smiled and was light headed. He started singing 11:11 and I felt like passing out. He came over to us and finished singing while smiling at me. After the song he whispered into one of the guards ears and looked at me, he waved and got back up on stage. Nicki was grabbing me and screaming in my ear but I didn't listen. The guard opened up a little area in the railing and he waved me in, "Austin would like for you on stage." He yells over the screams of girls. I want to scream but I shade it was a smile, "THANKS!" I scream over the sound. There were two steps leading up to the stage and when I got to the first Austin held his hand out for me, I took it and walked up the rest of the stairs. I tumbled a little and he caught me.

"Uh thanks..." I stuter out. He just laughs and brings me on stage. The next song starts to play and he sings to me. I mumble out the words too, "say something..." I whisper. He lets go of my hand and starts to dance. It was cute watching him dance infront of me. I watched him twist and turn his feet. He comes up to me and stands in front of me, "Say Somethin..." He says. I look at him my face gets red and I smile.

"What can I say?" I whisper. His white perfect teeth shine into a smile he leans over and kisses me on the cheek.

"Follow him," He says pointing to a guard, "I want to meet you." He smiles and waves over the guard. I follow him behind stage into a green room and on a seat, "wait here," the guard says, "Austin will be in a moment." He leaves the room and I'm left waiting for Austin.

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