adopted by (louis)

hi my name is alexa jewel tomlinson i am 13 and i have been adopted by louis tomlinsonm he is my dad and harry is my uncle (not really related just call him my uncle) perrie and me are really close and i might just meet some really good friends and maybe even a guy ;) ( please read and give feedback if its good)


7. birthday party!!!!

harrys pov

me and the guys and girls went to alexas room cuz today Is Saturday and its her birthday we had it all planed and every one invited and we had ed sheeran and cher Lloyd to preform and well us of course niall and liam started jumping on the bed and playing the guitar and singing its time to get up then she finally got up and we sang happy birthday to her then Louis picked her up and ran down stairs and she was screaming put me down it was so funny


alexas pov

I was screaming for Louis to put me down and he finally did at the table they made me pancakes with whipped cream and cherries and bacon then niall said I want some then they all sat down and we ate I went up stairs after breakfast to take a shower


Louis pov

me and el just left to go get alexa her birthday present and we arrived at the mall and went in and I said what should I get her cuz idk what to buy its ok Louis I go shopping with her all the time I know what she likes then we went in a store and bought so many shoes and cloths and makeup then we got her 7 new phone cases and a mac book pro laptop and then we left I also got her tickets to seethe fray she loves that band its like her fav besides me and the boys


alexas pov

after my shower Dannie and perrie came in and did my makeup while my hair  dried then el came in and did my hair and I had glitter all over me and then it was like 6:00 and the party starts at 6:30 and ends at 10:00 I then got dressed in a black dress that was strapless and lacy it was mid thigh and it was tight and had a pink ribbon around the waist then I put on some hot pink high heels and I was now ready for the party and people where starting to get her and I had loads of presants I went down stairs and the girls did too and the door bell rang and I answered it and it was luke and he looked so hott then he said you look beautiful and I said thankyou then he kissed my cheek and gave me flowers and a small box and he told me to open it so I did and it was a necklace with a heart charm and it had an L and a A charm it was so cute I hugged him and said thankyou and he put it on me then we went to the party and my dad preformed and so did cher Lloyd then ed sheeran started to play a team and luke asked me to slow dance with him so I said yes and we did then the party was soon over and I was tired so I went to bed

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