A Non-directioners guide to becoming popular (on movellas)

This is a guide for people who want to make it big on movellas. Word of warning, i am probably the least known author on this site so you probably shouldn't follow these rules obsessively. But you should read it anyway.


2. Reads and Fans

This chapter will give you some sneaky tricks into getting more reads and fans.

Reads- write at least three chapters before you publish, this may get the reader genuinely interested and they will then be on the look-out for the next chapters. Even though some may demand that you update as soon as possible, leave at least two days between chapter publishing. This will get them to obsess over what happens next, so when you do publish the next chapter they'll swoop in like vultures and devour your book giving you reads almost instantly. Don't leave it too long or the reader will become bored of waiting and give up on your story. Timing is crutial.


Fans- Everybody wants fans, so the best thing for you too do is to mumble every so often "fan me, I fan back" Some people will fall for this but others won't. Another good idea is too just be a nice person, even if your seething with anger keep it too yourself, be kind generous and all will be well.

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