Coming Back to Julie

Ronan does not believe in ghosts, but he does believe in tradegys. Especially his fathers. Ronan's mom died giving birth to his stillborn sister, and his dad has never been the same. No longer is his dad the "jolly ol' Monty" he used to be. In a wild chace to get away from it all, Ronan's dad Monty moves them to the middle of nowhere, with it's own tradegy to tell. And when fate crosses Julie and Ronan, the small town will never be the same. Because Ronan is just who Julie is waiting for.


2. Chapter 1

 “If another dumb sappy song comes on, I am going to puke.”

“You will live Ronan,” said my dad for about the millionth time. He had long ago switched the station, and as we moved farther into no-where land, the more depressing the radio became.

“May I please just turn the stupid thing off?”

“No Ronan, stop complaining. We are about fifteen minutes away, you can last three more songs.”

If I had did not have a brain in my head I would think that my dad, a rock and roll enthusiast actually enjoyed the squealing voice pushing through the beat up speakers. If I did use my brain then I would know for sure that the music was just to push my mom out of his mind.

That is why my ears started to bleed on the three-hour car trip. My dad said it would be good to move, somewhere away from the city. The truth was he was running away from the memories of mom. She had died trying to give born to my stillborn sister Lena, and my dad fell apart. If Lena had lived, my dad would have something to make him go on.

But I was his only option left, the dramatic son from my mom’s previous marriage. His name had been Patrick or something like that, and he ditched her once I was born. My mom remarried my dad when I was six, and they did not try having another kid until I was twelve.

It took about a year for my parents to get pregnant, in which I had just turned fourteen when they found out about Lena. Everyone was overjoyed. After multiple miscarriages and disappointments from doctors, they finally got the baby they wanted. Yet Lena led to mom getting very sick, and dying when her heart gave out giving birth to Lena.

Lena did not reach full maturity, and died when my mom gave birth. There was nothing the doctors could do. My dad and I stayed in the same house after their deaths, yet the house felt empty without my mom and awaited baby. The empty nursery was a room avoided by both my father and I. And on my sixteenth birthday, dad announced his plan to move.

I leaned my head against the cool car glass, watching the trees pass by. We soon reached a more well taken care of street, which branched off into a small town. At first glance, the town had nothing. A small pharmacy with faded red paint marked the start of the town, with a small clothing store across. A bakery was near the store, and another small grocery. The rest was houses, most were small with large backyards, and each lawn was mowed.

It was early morning, as my dad made as start off wicked early to pass the traffic. We soon were winding down a long street, until we came to this gray house, bigger than some other houses. It was the house a little farther down that caught my eye. The house was an egg blue color, happy and large. It had two stories, and seemed old and out of place in the run down town.

My dad soon maneuvered our Subaru into the small driveway of the gray house, putting the car into park.

“Welcome to our new home Ronan. It’s gonna be great here.”

I grumbled before opening the door and stretching my long legs. I had been so mad when my dad said this. I had a girlfriend, Rosa, and we were finally going to do it over the summer, with her being seventeen.

All my friends said that Rosa and I were adorable, with our matching names. Rosa was beautiful, and if it were not because of her super strict Christian family, I would have asked dad if Rosa could move with us, so I wouldn’t feel so alone.

At least telephones had been invented, so I could also talk to Benny and Marc. They were my friends until the end of time. Benny was quieter, calmer and kept as all in check, and defiantly the smartest out of us. That didn’t exclude his liking of women. Marc was crazed, jumping around like a nutcase. He came up with all the stupid ideas of the bunch.

My little mind rant was cut off by the moving truck pulling in front of the house, and following close behind was a black Honda. A woman with perky blonde hair stepped from the mom van, and wobbled softly on her bright high heels.

Her high heels clacked softly on the beaten driveway, her smile never slipping from her face as she approached me.

“Hello, you must be Ronan! I’m Ms. Lawrence, the sales agent who sold you this house. I just want to show you around, make sure you’re comfortable. We do not get many newbie’s here; you’ll be the talk of the town!”

She shook my hand with too much enthusiasm for my liking, and quickly dragged me inside the ugly grey house. The house was quiet simple, and the only thing it needed was a good paint job on most rooms. I could mention it to dad; give him something to do besides sulk.

There was a kitchen with light wood cabinets, and a slab of grey marble as a countertop. An old white fridge, oven, and microwave made the kitchen need a major electronic updating. Yet Ms. Lawrence did not seem fazed by it at all, rattling on how amazing the countertop was.

My dad had been busy with the moving men, so the tour was just Ms. Lawrence and me. We had entered the living room, and now Ms. Lawrence was rattling about the history of the town.

“…and the connivance store that you first saw? That has had only minor improvements since the car accident of 1974, and they even managed to keep most of the original paint! Along with most buildings, keeping the historical value is important to our citizens. The high school you will be going to was the old fire station, which has been moved now to meet with state standards…”

Something in her rant caught my ear.

“What are you talking about, the car accident of 1974?”

Ms. Lawrence smiled even wider at my participation of the conversation, and eagerly caught on.

“Well, on July 4th, 1974, a drunk driver crashed his vehicle into the store, killing one girl. Because there are not many people around, it was a major thing. The driver survived and was totally sorry about the entire accident.”

“Who was the girl?”

“The girl? Oh, her name was Julie, always waiting on the bench outside for her lover to return to her. His name was Peter; poor girl doesn’t realize his dead by now.”

“You talk about her like she is still around”

“That is because she is Hun! Her ghost is still waiting on that bench for Peter. Poor spirit won’t harm I fly, but doesn’t believe anyone, still insisting that Peter will return to her.  She was once the girl living in the beautiful blue house a little ways down the street. She is a young girl, about sixteen, wearing a white dress with red polka dots, and her hair is tied up in a stylish bun, adorned with a blue ribbon. “

By now, I was clearly freaking out, not believing how innocently the Ms. Lawrence told me this.

“You’ve got to be fudging kidding me”

The woman just gave a little bell laugh, before spinning on her heel and walking up the wrought iron staircase, leading to the bedrooms.

“Come on, you are just screwing with me. Ghosts are not real. Tragedies are, they are defiantly real, but ghosts are just fiction.”

The women just smiled, before saying.

“If you don’t believe me, go to the store at sunset and meet her. She would love to get to know the new face in town.”

She then clearly ended the conversation, diving into the topic of the old style bathroom with a leaky sink.

My dad saved me from Ms. Lawrence five minutes later, just when I was about to bang my head against the wall.

“Ms. Lawrence, good to see you again. Everything alright with the payments?”

“Of course! I will leave it to you guys to get settled! If you need any help or directions, you have my phone number Monty.”

The perky blonde woman finally left the house, leaving me to sigh greatly. My dad turned a stern and tired face on me, the bags under his eyes clearly visible.

“You could have been more sociable to Ms. Lawrence; she clearly is a nice lady.”

“Dad, she talks a million miles per hour about leaky sinks! Who cares about the leaky sink?”

My dad just sighed, before Ms. Lawrence’s voice rang through the house again.

“Oh, and Ronan! I have a job opportunity if you want it, just have Monty call me about it later ok?”

I heard the door slam soon after, as Ms. Lawrence didn’t even wait for my response. There was a good awkward five minutes that my dad and I just shifted our eyes around each other, not sure what to do. Movers came in and out, throwing random furniture and boxes places.

“Why don’t you go look around down town, maybe get breakfast? I can give you some money.”

“Um, yah, ok cool. See you later, I guess?”

My dad just grunted, before turning towards the closest box. I felt like I should say more, yet the words didn’t come out. I just gave up and went to go explore the town.

Or should I say village.

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