Gwen is your average 16 year old girl. She has a part time job, a best friend that nobody could ever compare with. And she has three wonderful younger siblings. And her mother and father. But then, life starts to take a turn for the worst. More so than what she had ever thought was possible. Her mother leaves when her father is pronounced terminally ill with a brain tumour and then the weight of the world is on her shoulders. Her siblings are so you g that they can barely comprehend what is in fact going in in their lives and then her brother gets the worst of it. She's ready to burst.

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6. Chapter Six

  Gwen woke up screaming and gasping for air. Her nightmare had felt so real, so real. Shaking her head, she wiped the sweat from her brow and looked out the window. It was dawn. She still needed to get the kids ready, take a shower, and set their alarm. 

     Sighing, she set to work. 

    After she had everything for the kids ready to go, she got into the shower. 

     Turning on the hot water, Gwen stepped into the shower. She gasped as the water rained down against her skin. Then she relaxed into it. She shampooed her hair and rinsed it out. As her last ritual throughout her shower, she closed her eyes as she amerced herself in the warm water. And she was suddenly back in her nightmare from last night. 

      The blackness was all around her again. The world was gone, she was floating in nothingness. She couldn't hear, breathe, or open her eyes. Her skull felt like it was splitting in half and her eyes were throbbing erratically, about to burst through her head. The hand appeared again and she did her best to scream again. 

     She was falling through space, her body was spinning in twists and turns. Then, an ear splitting shot of pain enveloped her being.
     She wrenched her eyes open and saw a sea of red surrounding her left leg. She had fallen in the shower and landed wrong. Her knee had been cut by the sharp, yet blunt side of the bathtub. She quickly took care of herself and cursed her stupidity for slipping. 

     Her alarm went off for her to get out of the shower and ready for school. After she had managed to bandage herself up, she got ready. Throwing on her black jeans and black low-cut, long sleeved black shirt and then some dark eyeliner, she was ready for the day to come. 

     She ran out of the bathroom, and ran upstairs to wake the kids. She hates having to get them up this early in the moron when their schools didn't even start until eight and nine in the morning. 

     The Twins were 11 years old and their birthday was coming up in two months. They would be eighth graders next year. Soon to be in high school. 

     And Nick was going into first grade. She hated to leave him by himself, so she left him with her pseudo parents. Lee and Jeff's mom and dad. Where he could sleep for another few more hours after he got dressed. 

     She went and got the girls up first, knowing that they were going to school earlier than Nicky. Gently and softly, she talked soothingly to them, telling them to wake up for school that day. It was Friday and soon, they'd be out of school. 

     The next Monday was the last day for Gwen at school. She'd be graduating in two weeks and then she'd have to start at the community college after the end f the summer. 

     She continued in to wake Nick up and get him dressed. He fell asleep again after she took him downstairs and laid him down on the couch. 

     "Girls, I'm leaving with your brother now. I'm going to leave him over and Aunt Amelia and Uncle Ron's, okay? I love you guys. Mari, I want you to take my old phone to school and Mag, take the one you two share. I know that my phone and yours are the same, but you're going to have to deal with it. And Mari, I'm giving Dad's to Nick. This way you two can text me whenever you need to and Nick can call." (Nick was getting a flip phone and the Twins had sliding phones. And Gwen an iPhone.) 

     With that being said, Gwen hugged the two of them close, started the timer for them, after reminding the girls about the timer, and said goodbye as she carried first her school things out then Nick. Putting him in his carseat was a chore, but she got it done. They left for LeeAnne's. Nick slept the whole way there. 

     "Gwen! Come in, my dear." 

     "Thanks, Amelia." Gwen said as she took Nick from the car and walked inside. But, this awarded her an icy stare from Amelia. 

     "Guinevere Lily!" she snapped in a very motherish way. 

     Gwen winced. "Yes?" She said timidly. 

     "What's have we told you?"

     "Sorry. Mum." She mumbled. 

     "That's better, Hun!" She beamed. 

     "Are you going to be staying with Nick?"

     "Absolutely! After all, Dad and I own the company, so I make my own hours. And Dad and I are going to be taking turns every other day."

     "Thanks so much. Is Lee ready?"

     Amelia chortled a bit. "No, but Jeff is. I told him to get up if he wanted to see you. And the weirdest thing happened." 

     Sitting down next to Nick on the sofa, Gwen looked up as Amelia sat down next to her. She raised an eyebrow, confused. "And what, pray tell was that?"

     And evil, knowing, mother glint appeared in her eyes. This surprised Gwen and she almost fell off the sofa--almost. 

      "He actually jumped out of bed and ran into the shower. Even though he took one last night!! He even put on some dressy clothes! He's been rebelling against that for years!! And he also put some of that cologne you got him for Christmas last year!"

     Gwen was confused at this. She had given him that while she had a huge crush on him. She blushed deeply at this memory. And Amelia smiled knowingly. 

     And just as they were finishing their discussion, Jeff walked in and heard everything. He blushed so deeply that it actually matched his scarlet shirt. He breathed deeply before he made his presence known. He stopped suddenly when Gwen said something. 

     "Well, Mum. I actually have a huge crush on him…"

     He heard his mom squeal in a teenaged girl way. "I KNEW IT!!"

      He finally made his entrance and said, "What did you know, Mom?"

     "Oh, nothing."

     He smirked at her and said, "Would it possibly be that Gwennie here has a huge crush on me and you told her that the feelings are indeed mutual?"

     Gwen gasped and said, "You were EAVESDROPPING?!?!" 

     He walked right up to her and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her and hugged her tightly. 

     She melted into the kiss and then an ear piercing scream jolted them apart. They looked around. Nick and Lee were staring at them with fear in their eyes. 



      "Honey, Mommy's here. I love you." Gwen said, pulling Nick towards her. 

     Lee walked up to her brother and slapped him so hard it vibrated the sofa. 

      "Oi! What do you honk you're doing?!" Gwen snapped. 

      "Saving myself from having to deal with a friend that refuses to go anywhere near my house and family because my brother broke her heart!" 

     "But… Lee, I actually think we could BE something. He's your twin brother! And he's sweet, kind, loving, and passionate. I love him…" she finished the last part quietly. 

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